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Monday, August 30, 2021

Gracie the Cat's Symbol in the Wind

There are many ways that our pets communicate from spirit, and back in August 2017, a very special cat named Gracie came to me in spirit to provide a sign for her mom as a comfort.

Linda wrote: I lost my cat, Gracie, to kidney disease. She was 15. As you know the pain is deep and paralyzingly. She hasn't communicated with me yet and I'm panicky about that. So I'm writing to you in hopes that it will stimulate her to contact me through you.

When I connected with Gracie, she provided some physical feelings that she experienced before she passed. She shared those with me and Linda was able to recognize the physical sensations Gracie was making me feel, with the medical conditions that Gracie had before she passed.

As if out of nowhere, Gracie provided an odd sign to me, that wouldn't make sense at first. I wrote to Linda, "She's been trying to let you know she's okay, but you haven't been picking up on the signs. She's telling me that she has recently used a leaf, blowing near your face/head as a means of conveying her playful presence. She said to watch for the signs of leaves. Do you recall a leaf blowing near you recently?"

Linda responded, "No, I have not noticed a leaf blowing near me recently. At least not yet."

Less that a month later, Gracie made that sign happen. On Sept 7, Linda sent me a photo and wrote me the following email, proving that Gracie was still with her. Here's what Linda's email said, "I had to write you!! In early August I emailed you about my cat, Gracie, who I had put to sleep the end of July because of kidney failure. I was upset because I hadn’t received any signs from her letting me know she’s okay.

At that time you told me that she had been trying to let me know she’s okay and I couldn’t pick up on it because of my grief. You said she had been using a leaf, blowing near my face/head. Well, I wasn’t going to be able to believe that because I live in the Midwest and this time of year there are leaves falling/blowing everywhere, all the time. Since then I have been asking her every night to please send me a sign so I’ll know that she’s somewhere and still loves me.

I have a managed colony of feral cats and I washed the feral's bowls today and dried them with some white terrycloth towels (which I have never EVER used before, I've ALWAYS used paper towels and immediately throw them away). I then tossed the towels on the garage step (paper towels wouldn’t have been there). The towels never touched the ground. I didn't walk on the towels. I had nothing on my hands. I closed the overhead garage door (no wind blowing in).

2 hours later I opened the door to the garage and saw this… A HEART shaped LEAF!!!! Right in my path!!!"

Gracie is still very much around Linda today.

Spirits are amazing. If Linda hadn't contacted me in August, she may not have been looking for the sign. That's why I wrote the Pets and the Afterlife series of books. Pets and the Afterlife 4: Messages from Cat Spirits is already in the works for cat parents. I'm planning on a 2023 release (but you know how book writing goes, so don't hold me to it). My books will teach you about other signs pets can give from the other side and are available on

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