Who is Rob Gutro, Medium/Author/Paranormal Investigator?

Rob Gutro is an author, paranormal investigator and medium with Inspired Ghost Tracking of Maryland. Since he was a child he could receive messages from ghosts or spirits (who have crossed over). As a scientist, he also provides some scientific explanations about how energy is the baseline for the afterlife and the medium that entities use to communicate. In 2005, Rob's late puppy passed and inspired Rob to write his first book and enabled him to communicate with pets. Rob participates in private paranormal investigations, helps ghosts cross over, and has provided countless messages from people or pets as ghosts or spirits. He lived in a haunted house, too!

***HIS BOOKS: Pets and the Afterlife, Pets and the Afterlife 2, Lessons Learned from Talking to the Dead and Ghosts and Spirits, Ghosts of England on a Medium's Vacation, Kindred Spirits: How a Medium Befriended a Spirit and Case Files of Inspired Ghost Tracking** BEST SELLERS- Rob's books have reached "best-seller" status on Amazon.com in various paranormal categories. All are available in paperback and E-book on Amazon.com ***DOG RESCUES - Rob has volunteered with with Dachshund and Weimaraner rescues since 2008 and is a pet parent of 4 dogs, 3 Dachshunds and 1 Weimaraner. He also prefers doing fundraising lectures for dog and cat rescues! JUST ASK… Rgutro@gmail.com

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Missed Rob's Interview on Into The Unknown Realm ?

Missed Monday Night's Interview ?  
Rob Gutro - Author/Ghost Hunter/Medium for joinied us   on Into The Unknown Realm  with Steve & Naomi! It was our pleasure to speak with him.
If you missed tonight's show you can listen to it right here...... http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dtm-radio/2014/04/29/into-the-unknown-realm-with-steve-naomi

Steve and Naomi are from the paranormal group S.T.U.R.S., which stands for Seeking the Unknown Realm Society. Steve is the founder of S.T.U.R.S. and Naomi is an investigator. The group was started in October of 2010. STURS has investigated many locations throughout New England,

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Amazing Reunion with the Bean Town Medium!

On April 10 I took the day off from work to welcome our friend and medium, Ruthie Larkin to the Mid-Atlantic. She  came to visit 4 families, each of whom lost a teenager in a car accident one year ago in eastern Maryland. I joined Ruthie and met the families, where I provided a background on how mediumship works, and how spirits send signs and messages.
Rob and Ruthie
RUTHIE'S IMMEDIATE CONNECTIONS - Ruthie really is amazing. She told me on the way over that someone's mother died in the last year or two (one of the teenage boys' grandmothers)  and that one of the boys is with her. She gave other details, too. Once in the house, she walked up to a young woman and asked if she was a sister. She nodded "yes." Ruthie said that her brother's spirit told her that she got a tattoo in her honor (the girl was wearing long sleeves and didn't have any visible tattoos). She rolled up her sleeve and showed Ruthie a big tattoo in her brother's memory.Ruthie stayed the rest of the day and met with each family member and provided a lot more amazing signs and confirmations!

A persistent Robin visits
  During Ruthie's opening, I got some messages that were confirmed.One was about robins, one was about airplanes.

ROBINS - MORE THAN A SIGN OF SPRING -  Two of the teenage boys' spirits told that their parents were sent Robins who lingered around them for days. That was a sign from them that they're both still around they're families.  
   NOTE: Spirits will send birds, insects or small animals to people to let them know they're around. It's just not a matter of a bird coming, but lingering and returning over and over, which is what happened here. 
  While I was giving my introduction, I mentioned this and two different parents acknowledged they each had a Robin around them. One father said that a Robin has been returning to his window over and over. Another father and mother said that a Robin has been around their lawn - the same one, over and over in a certain spot (not in a tree).
U.S. Navy Fighter Jet. Credit: USN
AIRPLANES - One of the teenage boys also showed me visions of planes flying overhead and coming in for a landing. He "told" me that he loved watching planes and was fascinated by them. I clearly saw the underside of a  plane landing. He told me to tell his parents "whenever a plane flies overhead, I'm standing with you." His dad disappeared for a minute and returned with a photo of he and his son in front of a Navy fighter jet and told me his son loved airplanes.
   - It's simple messages that help identify a spirit and let others know that they're around.

Friday, April 25, 2014

A Tribute to My Mom's Creativity: Homemade Dog Sweaters get 2nd Life

Tyler and Franklin wearing the sweaters my mom made
One of the best things we can do to pay tribute to those we lost is to re-purpose something they made or had, so it becomes valuable to someone else- in this case, our dogs!  
   My  mom passed on Dec. 29, and I returned in February to continue with the organization and clean out of the house to prepare it for sale. While I was cleaning out the "storage room" in mom's basement I came across a plastic bag full of dog sweaters that my mother hand made back in the 1980s/early 1990s for her poodle Gigi.
   Gigi was one of our family dogs who came to us in 1975. She lived until October 1993. My mother loved that little white poodle with all her heart and never got over losing her in 1993. While Gigi was part of the family, my mom, who made some of her own clothes, made shirts and pants for us (and a Batman costume for me), also handmade sweaters for Gigi!
  In the late 1980s I don't remember dog sweaters being around for sale in stores. In fact I don't remember many accessories for dogs like there are today. So, Mom was on the cutting-edge. Mom hand-knit several dog sweaters and even made Gigi a raincoat from one of my childhood raincoats!

Tyler, Franklin and Dolly dressed for the cold
   So, I happily took the dog sweaters that had been sitting in my parent's basement in a zippered plastic bag for 21 years (since Gigi passed). The sweaters perfectly fit our two Dachshunds: Franklin and Tyler and they've already enjoyed plenty of use from them with all the bitter cold and snow we've had over the last month.
  So, I post this story as a tribute to my mom's creativeness and talent as a clothing designer and clothing maker (for dogs in this case). Now her grand-dogs are enjoying her handmade gifts.

**NEW** PETS AND THE AFTERLIFE: The loss of a pet is like the loss of a child to pet owners. The love we share with our pets never dies, and in a new book called "Pets and the Afterlife" by Rob Gutro, the author provides proof that our pets do communicate with us from the other side.    Available in paperback and E-book, on Amazon.com and other outlets at: To order paperback of Kindle- click here 

FOR  ROB GUTRO'S  OTHER BOOKS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON ((Ghosts and Spirits: Insights from a Medium for $7.99 paper/$2.99 E-book and Lessons Learned from Talking to the Dead  for $8.99 paperback and $2.99 E-bookhttp://tinyurl.com/q3bhgde

Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Busy Week of 4 Events! - Come out and say hello!

Rob Gutro, author
It's going to be a busy weekend (and next week)! I've got FOUR events to attend! 
1) I'm speaking on Saturday morning, April 26th at a "Hope and Healing conference" for people who are grieving over loved ones who passed (talking about signs from spirits) in Annapolis, Md. 
April 26 (7:30am to 4:30 p.m.)- Two Talks: Signs from Loved Ones- Saturday, 9:15-10:15 and 10:30-11:30 a.m.
Hope and Healing Conference, Calvary United Methodist Church, 301 Rowe Boulevard, Annapolis, Md. 21401 (20 workshops planned),REGISTRATION: $35 includes continental breakfast and hot lunch DUE: April 15, 2014  For more information please contact: Carol Tomaszewski Phone: 410-519-8448 Email: hopeandhealing2014@gmail.com

2)  Sunday afternoon, April 27th, I'm one of 4 panelists at "Strangecon-1" in Baltimore - on the paranormal!   **OPEN TO THE PUBLIC**
April 27 4-7 p.m. EDT -  Talk: Signs from the Afterlife     STRANGECONMaryland Institute College of Art's Brown Center, 1300 Mount Royal Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21217  Each speaker will have 30 minutes and there will be a panel discussion with audience questions after all four talks.  www.strangecon.org
3)  On Monday, April 28th you can catch me on the air at 8 pm EDT, as I guest on Into The Unknown Realm radio program here: http://www.dtmwickedradio.com/itur.html
Come to the Richmond Pet Expo!
 April 28 at 8 pm EDT, Monday
Guest on Into The Unknown Realm radio program
Hosts & Producers: Naomi & Steve
On Wicked Radio. http://www.dtmwickedradio.com/itur.html
4)  Then on Saturday, May 3rd, I'll be at the Richmond Pet Expo with my new book "Pets and the Afterlife." 
May 3 - Sat. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Richmond, VA Pet Expo

at the DC Weimaraner Rescue Booth
Richmond Raceway Complex
600 E. Laburnum Avenue, Richmond, VA
Free Admission  http://www.richmondpetexpo.com/
You can bring your pet!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Interview/Podcast The Malliard Report interviews Rob Gutro

-How did he know he was a Medium?
-What is it like for him as a Medium?
-Has he ever come across a spirit that’s afraid to cross over because they are scared of the unknown?
-Why does Rob call himself “Medium Rare”?
-What made him want to write both of his books?
-Learn about the next books Rob Gutro has coming.
-How did he get involved in his Ghost Hunting team?
-How does a Medium work during an investigation?
-Rob tells us about some of his experiences as a member of a ghost hunting team.
-What’s his feelings on the Ouija Boards?
-What are Rob Gutro’s goals in investigating the paranormal?
-How does being a Meteorologist help Rob when he is working on an investigation?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Musical Sign from Webster the Dachshund

On April 5, I was responding to an email from my good friend Shelley, who is also a dachshund rescue volunteer. She just lost her beloved dog, Webster. As I wrote in my new book, Pets and the Afterlife" - losing a dog is the same as losing a child. My heart hurts for Shelley and everyone who loses a pet (as I've lost several dogs).
As I was writing to Shelley, her dog Webster's spirit came through to me immediately. I happened to log onto Pandora.com radio, and one of the stations I listen to is music from the 1980s. As soon as the music started to play, I wrote to Shelley and said "Webster JUST sent me a song for you. I've never heard it come up on Pandora and I instantly knew it was a message from him. It's Somewhere Out There by Linda Rondstat and James Ingram. I'm sitting here all teared up. This song is from Webster with love: http://youtu.be/RkI-B2JWSZI

PETS AND THE AFTERLIFE: The loss of a pet is like the loss of a child to pet owners. The love we share with our pets never dies, and in a new book called "Pets and the Afterlife" by Rob Gutro, the author provides proof that our pets do communicate with us from the other side.    Available in paperback and E-book, on Amazon.com and other outlets at: To order paperback of Kindle- click here

Monday, April 14, 2014

Just Added! Meet Rob Gutro at the INFO Fortfest Conference (open to public)

Rob Gutro, author/medium/ghost tracker/scientist will be speaking at the INFO Fortfest conference on Saturday, May 17th! 
This is a Conference that Celebrates the Mysterious, Anomalous and the Unknown! Open to the Public! Must Be 16 Years of Age.
 Open to public- Get tickets
Located at the Ramada Inn near BWI Airport, 7253 Parkway Dr. Hanover, MD, 21076
Registration and Details right here at: fortfest.eventbrite.com
or https://www.eventbrite.com/e/info-fortfest-may-17-18-2014-tickets-11106430633
Email susan.swiatek@gmail.com OR Call 571-262-1496 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pets and the Afterlife: A Note to Help People Understand Why Pets are Our Children

  As you may know, I  just published my third book called "Pets and the Afterlife" about how dogs and cats can communicate with us from the afterlife. Today, a very good friend of mine who works with adults who tragically lost their human children told me that some of them were "offended" by my promotional postcard that compared losing a pet to a losing a child.
  To those folks, I say that it's important for people who either have human children and / or don't have pets to not criticize those of us who have a dog or cat and look at them as our children. One reason is because couples like my partner and I cannot have children. Another is that even people who have human children also regard their pets as children.  
     I think about and mourn the loss of our dogs Buzz and Sprite every day, just as people mourn the passing of their human children.  Why? Because, we taught them how to go to the bathroom, bathed them, groomed them, took them to (obedience) school and was excited at their graduation, watch them interact with others, take them to the doctor when they're sick, play with them, teach them, make friends, learn, love etc. They share love, anger, fear, excitement, just like human children do- Dr. Stanley Coren tested dogs (Chapter 3 of my book) and proved many have the intelligence of a 3-4 year old child.
    Dogs know when we're disappointed in them if they tear something up - and we come home, find out and they cringe. They know when we're sick and stay by our side, like human kids do.  The only thing they don't do is have careers and take care of us when we're old. 
   What's more, and more is that WE have to make the decision to put our "pet child" to final rest, something human parents don't really contend with unless in certain tragic circumstances.  - And that is the hardest part of unconditional love. So, for anyone that says to pet parents like me who can't have children, that pets are not like children, they choose not to recognize things outside of their own lives.
  My dogs are  my children. I am responsible for feeding, caring, loving them and keeping them healthy, just as humans are with human children. To tell me otherwise is as disrespectful of my feelings, and hurtful to me as my sentence was apparently to them.  So it's a matter of perspective. 
    Yes, of course losing a human child is horrendous. But to people that don't have human children, people that DO have them need to understand it's the same feeling of shock, horror, sadness, depression and a longing that will never be fulfilled. Grief is grief, and no one should tell you how to feel over losing someone you love.

Meet me at the Doxiefest today- signing "Pets and the Afterlife"

Come out to the Doxiefest today from 11am to 3pm in Reisterstown, Maryland!  I'll be there at Noon with my books "Pets and the Afterlife" - to help Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue. There's a dachshund race at Noon, too! Fun for ALL AGES. 

WHERE: Baltimore Humane Society, 1601 Nicodemus Road, Reisterstown, MD 21136
ADMISSION $5 donation to Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue

A Benefit for Mid Atlantic Dachshund Rescue dedicated to the medical care and rehoming of our beloved low-rider friends.
Come meet adoptable dogs have a good time while meeting new friends and seeing some old ones, too. Fun for the whole family!

Friday, April 11, 2014

A New Sign from Sprite's (the Dachshund) Spirit!

On April 3, I received a page from the Los Angeles Times in the mail from my friend Layla. In my new book, "Pets and the Afterlife" Layla encountered the same type of butterfly that our late dog Sprite sent to us several times after he passed, to let us know he was okay and still around. - In the chapter about Sprite, you'll read how the same butterfly lingered around our dogs, just as like Sprite did.
  When Layla read about Sprite's passing  the the butterfly, she also encountered one (which is in the book. She recently came across this 3/4 page drawing of the same exact butterfly in her local newspaper and told me she knows Sprite wanted to send me a message that he's still around and sends love.
  When I opened the envelope that contained it, and read Layla's note before seeing the butterfly on the other side, it brought a tear to my eyes because I've been missing Sprite much more than usual lately (and yes, I say good night to him, because he's around and can hear me). I needed this confirmation!
   Remember- There are no such things as coincidence. When you need someone in spirit, they're around you even if you can't feel them.

PETS AND THE AFTERLIFE: The loss of a pet is like the loss of a child to pet owners. The love we share with our pets never dies, and in a new book called "Pets and the Afterlife" by Rob Gutro, the author provides proof that our pets do communicate with us from the other side.    Available in paperback and E-book, on Amazon.com and other outlets at: To order paperback of Kindle- click here

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Q & A: Is it possible to develop medium skills?

Rob's 2nd book
Recently I received this great question from C.S.: 
QUESTION:    I listened to your interview on the Malliard Report and it has inspired me to want to help people. The only pet cat that I've ever had, that has died, came to me in my dreams twice. Though that was about 10 years ago and I'm, by no means, a medium. However, I do seem to be more perceptive than most people I know. My question is, is it possible to develop medium skills? If so, how does one accomplish that? You probably get this question a lot, but any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

ANSWER: - Thanks for writing.  First, I'm sorry about your cat. I'm glad to hear that he came to you in your dreams though. That means your cat crossed over (Earth bound ghosts can't do that). Dreams are the best avenue for spirits for getting messages to the living. -
 - Second - Yes, people can develop their abilities. Everyone has the capability. You need to trust what you get and verify. -The way I did it was to go into an historic home or place and "listen" - you may get names or see someone in your head. You may feel an illness, like a fever, heart attack, chest pain, gun shot, etc.
Pennies can be a sign from loved ones

  Don't fret if you don't. The thing about getting messages is that we need to try not to explain them away "logically" so quickly. 
Rob is a member of Inspired Ghost Tracking
One scenario where you may get messages is in the shower (I get a lot there because of water energy, and I'm able to clear my mind). Listen in the shower and see if you hear music, voices, etc. See if you hear a name. Spirits use water energy to pass along messages, as they use other physical energies. -
  - Another thing I talk about in my books is the different signs like pennies, flowers, insects, birds, music for example, and special times, like anniversaries connected to you or the spirits, or birthdays. It's all about paying attention and not discounting things.
  Give it a try for a week and let me know what you come up with!
Rob Gutro
FOR  ROB GUTRO'S BOOKS:  BOOKS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON ((Ghosts and Spirits: Insights from a Medium for $7.99 paper/$2.99 E-book and Lessons Learned from Talking to the Dead  for $8.99 paperback and $2.99 E-book: and http://tinyurl.com/q3bhgde  AND 
**NEW** PETS AND THE AFTERLIFE: The loss of a pet is like the loss of a child to pet owners. The love we share with our pets never dies, and in a new book called "Pets and the Afterlife" by Rob Gutro, the author provides proof that our pets do communicate with us from the other side.    Available in paperback and E-book, on Amazon.com and other outlets at: To order paperback of Kindle- click here


Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Mom's Spirit Approves of my New Book - Confirmation!

new book: Pets and the Afterlife
For those of you who have read my books, you know that Spirit has an amazing ability to send messages. One way they can do it is by having you meet someone who has the same name they do. That happened today, when a woman left me a nice note regarding the theme of my new book "Pets and the Afterlife" - which just came out last week on Amazon.com (in paperback and kindle). 
-  This woman's name was "Nana (Norma)" - My mom's name is Norma and she passed on Dec. 29, 2013. Her grandchildren knew her as "Nana." The confirmation can't get much clearer than that! - 
  My mom's spirit obviously influenced "Nana (Norma)" to drop me a note about my book. 
 - What's interesting is that my mom knew I was writing the book before she passed, and she so loved her poodle and her cocker spaniel, both of whom passed long before she did. My mom was very excited about the book, and now she's found a way to convey that! 
 - Thanks to Nana (Norma) Brown for providing this amazing, comforting sign and confirmation that my mom also approves. 
My mom, Norma AKA Nana
 Here is the original comment and my response:
I too have felt pets who have passed on - ever since I was a teenager - now I'm in my 50's. I can't wait to read your book! Thank you for doing what you do. And, keep up the good work. See you in Twitterland.
Nana (Norma) 

RgutroApril 3, 2014 at 7:14 PM Thank you Norma (same name as my mom,who was also called Nana by her grandchildren)- You're a sign that my mom is letting me know she's around. Thank you! - I hope you enjoy the book. Our pets really are around us!

PETS AND THE AFTERLIFE: The loss of a pet is like the loss of a child to pet owners. The love we share with our pets never dies, and in a new book called "Pets and the Afterlife" by Rob Gutro, the author provides proof that our pets do communicate with us from the other side.    Available in paperback and E-book, on Amazon.com and other outlets at: To order paperback of Kindle- click here

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Thank you- New Book #49 on Kindle - Supernatural: Pets and the Afterlife

   My new book "Pets and the Afterlife" came out on March 27, and the response has been humbling. Today, April 1, it's at #49 on the Kindle Supernatural ranking. That tells me how many people (like me) want messages from their pets, and this book will help them recognize those signs.
   So many people have lost their pets (like me) and want to know if they're okay on the other side. My new book provides that proof and explains their intelligence and emotional responses with a scientific eye (and studies that have proven both).  - I hope this book brings you hope, comfort and peace, knowing your dog, cat, horse or bird are still with you from time to time! - Rob  


   My new book is published!  Pets and the Afterlife Paperback  by Rob Gutro

SUMMARY:  To lose a pet means to lose a child. The love we share with our pets never dies, and the author proves our pets do communicate with us from the other side. Learn how dogs, cats, horses and some birds have the intelligence and ability to send signs to the living after they pass. Take comfort in knowing our pets are around us from time to time and recognize the signs they give. Learn how they wait for us when it’s our time, what a pet’s ashes can do, and the difference between ghosts and spirits. Learn how and why living pets can sense entities. Follow one of the author's dogs on a ghost investigation. Read how spirits of the author’s 2 dogs and dogs from three other mediums communicated with them from the other side. Read about spirit cats and how a ghostly dog rescued a girl. The author also volunteers for Dachshund and Weimaraner rescues and has several dogs.

TO ORDER: Paperback or E-book on Amazon.com