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Monday, November 30, 2020

Negative Energy Week: A Dirty vs. Clean House = Negative vs. Positive Energy (and spirit-wise, too)

I have taken part in many paranormal investigations in  private homes. It's important to know that your environment can influence and create energies around you. It can also affect the living. If your house is messy, it's a beacon for negative energy - both residual energy and an attraction for earth bound ghosts (who may be nearby). In today's blog, I'll explain about energy and order.

In one instance a home's inhabitant was complaining of dark shadows and bad feelings. It turned out that there was a lot of negative energy inside the house because of people practicing black arts and the house was filthy.

   Whenever anything is in disarray, dirty or disorganized, negative entities can feed off of it, and become empowered. Negative energies, like ghosts or even dark entities (non-human) can draw energy from the feelings of stress created by disorganization and filth. 

   We entered a house with black mold in the basement (which can make people physically ill, trigger respiratory problems and in some cases lead to death), and garbage piled up throughout the home. The home even smelled so bad that I had an asthma attack!
Dirty houses and disarray feed negativity
  The residents who lived there also had animals, and dogs and cats have much more sensitivity of smell - and it was extremely painful to them (I could tell). In fact, it appeared the poor dogs hadn't been bathed in over a year. The filth and neglect was disgusting and harmful to all - mentally, physically and spiritually. 
  It turned out that there were 2 dark entities in the home and they were feeding off the filth and disarray. So I recommended a thorough cleaning, repainting the walls (which were drawn on with crayon and pen), playing soft music to invite positive energy, opening shades (which were closed) and lighting white candles  - both to bring in light, and throwing out almost everything they could. 
  Negative energy, ghosts and dark entities will fester and strengthen in dirty, unorganized environments!!!  
Clean houses dispel negative energy
  So, pick up and throw out papers, trash, things you haven't used in a year - organize it. Bathe yourself and your animals daily and weekly. Take out the trash. Bring light into your home - Make it a positive energy-filled place where no dark things would want to linger, and you'll be inviting good spirits of people who passed to watch over you, and even beings of light and love. 


For more information, check out my books on - all best-sellers and all under $10. Particularly "Lessons Learned from Talking to the Dead" which is a question and answer-type book to all things paranormal that I've encountered.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Negative Energy Week: Nov. 29-Dec. 5: Understanding, Coping and Cleansing

 As a paranormal investigator and medium, I've encountered a lot of negative energy. In the paranormal field paranormal energy can be residual or an intelligent haunt. In this week's SERIES of blogs, I'll cover different aspects of Negative Energy encountered in the paranormal field.

Residual energy is created by emotions of living people or animals. If the living being expressed angry, disappointment, anxiety, irritation, depression or fear in a building, those emotions will be impressed upon the walls of the room or throughout the entire structure. 

When a living person enters that structure or room, the walls emanate that negative emotional energy and if the living person is sensitive, they feel it. The negative energy can make them angry, disappointed, anxious, irritated, depressed or even fearful.  

Intelligent negative energy is basically a ghost with a bad attitude. Spirits who cross over, usually heal on the other side in the light, but earthbound ghosts maintain the very bad parts of their personality. For example, those would be people who were violent, killers, rapists, thieves, and mentally unstable. As such, if there is a ghost with a bad attitude in your home or wherever you go, they will emanate that negative energy and you'll be physically or mentally affected. That's why if you have a ghost in your home, you need to help cross them over. 


For more information, check out my books on - all best-sellers and all under $10. Particularly "Lessons Learned from Talking to the Dead" which is a question and answer-type book to all things paranormal that I've encountered.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Explaining a "Mist" from Spreading Ashes

Paranormal investigators like me first must try to debunk situations before we can actually deem them "paranormal." In today's blog you'll read about something that was thought could be paranormal and my three possible explanations. 

QUESTION:  When my Aunt spread my grandfather ashes, 3 minutes later I notice white smoke coming from the ground that was a foot away from the spreading of the ashes...... Could that have be his spirit??? 

ROB'S ANSWER:  It could be a number of things. 
1) moisture on the ground scattered as a result of dropping something on it 
2) dust stirred up from dropping something on it. 
3) It could be "fog" or "mist." Steam and water vapor describe the completely transparent gaseous form of water, whereas fog or mist is little droplets of liquid water suspended in the air. 
4) OR it could have been your grandfather's spirit coming back to visit to thank her for scattering his ashes as he requested. A medium would be needed to verify this, or you should have felt your grandfather's presence around. Those would help to clarify if the smoke was a natural or supernatural occurrence.

For More Paranormal Questions and answers, read "Lessons Learned from Talking to the Dead" by Rob Gutro. Available on

Thursday, November 26, 2020

2020: At Thanksgiving Those Who Passed Still Sit at the Table

This Thanksgiving will be emotionally challenging for many of us who are staying home and taking precautions to avoid contracting or spreading the COVID19 virus during this pandemic. As such, it can be a more sad time, but it need not be! In today's blog you'll learn about spirits around you. For those who haven't passed, call them on the phone (not just texting), or do a video chat on Facebook messenger, Google hangouts or Facetime. You need not be sitting physically next to someone to enjoy their company - Spirits tell us that every day! 

Thanksgiving is not only a big holiday for the living relatives in families, but it also tends to be one of those times when those who passed come to visit, too. Any holiday, special occasion, birthday or anniversary are typically times that spirits of loved ones (who crossed into the light) come to visit us.

Why do they come on Thanksgiving? Think about it. Spirits are just the souls of loved ones (friends, family or pets) who have passed. Like living people and pets, they enjoy gathering with family members and what better time to see everyone together than at Thanksgiving? So, this Thanksgiving, if you've lost a loved one, be on the lookout for signs. Whether you find a penny on the kitchen floor, or your electricity does funny things, or you hear a song on the radio that reminds you of your loved one- those are just some signs they can give.

One Thanksgiving some years ago, my friend Lynn's late brother came to me with signs that she was able to confirm. So, enjoy the day knowing that ALL of your relatives are around you. Happy Thanksgiving! Rob

You can find more information about the signs spirits can give in my books  Kindred Spirits, Lessons Learned from Talking to the Dead, Ghosts and Spirits, and Pets and the Afterlife 1 and 2.  (Ghosts of England on a Medium's Vacation doesn't address ghosts on holidays).


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Starting Sunday! Negative Energy Week (Daily blogs)

Each day next week beginning Sunday, Nov. 29, I will be posting blogs about different aspects of negative energy and the paranormal. How it affects people, causes, differences and how to clear it. So, keep watch here at to learn all about Negative Energy and the Paranormal!  

  For more info about it, you can always pick up any of my books on amazon .  com - Rob Gutro

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Paranormal Q and A: How do your medium abilities work?

Each week, I'll answer a question about the paranormal, whether a general question, or one
about human or animal ghosts (Earthbound) or spirits (crossed over). Here's this week's question:

QUESTION: How do your medium abilities work? Can you see or hear the spirits, or is it just through their manipulation of physical properties?

ANSWER: Mediums are not all the same. We all have different abilities. Some hear or see ghosts and spirits, Others just sense them. I hear, sometimes see, feel, sense and have even smelled scents from them. I often sketch out a ghost whenever I go on a paranormal investigation (and so far, every sketch I made has been confirmed as how the ghost appears to the homeowner). They also telepathically talk with me, or show me things. So, I get messages in a variety of ways. Another thing many ghosts or spirits do is let me experience their pain of death (not to that extreme of course), but enough to let me know what they died of.

 For Rob Gutro's 6 books on the paranormal, visit: All of Rob's books were written to help explain the paranormal, and teach readers how to find signs from spirit.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Q&A: Cat Won't Enter Room with Ashes

 As a medium who deals a great deal with pets, it's easier for me to understand pets who are

in spirit as well as those living... and how spirits affect the living animals. Here's a question someone sent me about their cat's avoidance of a room with ashes of a loved one.

QUESTION:  My daughter's cat was obsessed with my dad and wouldn't leave him alone whenever he was staying at home with us. He passed away 2 months ago and we have his ashes in his bedroom since he came back home to us the cat refuses to go in there even though whenever he wasn't with us when he was alive they went in there. Does that mean anything??? 

I'm worried that dad isn't at peace and that's why the cats are scared of going near him 


Your cat senses your dad's spirit from time to time in that room, and is confused and scared because your cat can't smell his scent. It's confusing for a pet to see a spirit (as they can) but have no sense of smell (which is harder for a spirit to generate, as it requires more energy). 

Please know your dad is at peace. Sometimes, however, the residual energy in someone's ashes act as a beacon to draw them back temporarily for a visit whenever someone who loved them comes into the room. In this case, the love your cat shared with your dad is enough to draw his spirit back for him to say "hello."  Just ask your dad to not appear to your cat in that room. He just needs to understand that the cat can't make sense of his spirit. 

You could also move the ashes out of the room for a day or two and see if the cat will stay in the room. The ashes also emit a small amount of residual energy, which may also be sensed by your cat, even if your dad's spirit doesn't show up. That energy may also unsettling to your daughter's cat. Either way, your dad has crossed over, and the cat just can't make sense of a spirit without a scent.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Watch! Youtube Interview- Rob Gutro Talks w/ Minnesota Spirit Hunters

Here's the latest Minnesota Spirit Hunters Hangout where Markus Welle, host, interviewed Medium Rob Gutro. In this 50 minute  interview, we discussed some of the ghostly encounters Rob had in England, what a medium experiences in terms of feelings, pain of death, various messages, etc. We discussed paranormal investigations in both Markus' team and the Inspired Ghost Tracking team where Rob is a member. Markus and Rob also talked about pet spirits, and Earthbound ghosts. Rob Gutro to talk about our journeys in the paranormal field and his books. The interview was recorded in November, 2020. 

Friday, November 20, 2020

Paranormal Q and A: What are some ways having a career as a scientist has changed your perspective towards metaphysical studies?

 Each week, I'll answer a question about the paranormal, whether a general question, or one about human or animal ghosts (Earthbound) or spirits (crossed over). Here's this week's question:

Energy: Credit: Massage magazine

QUESTION: What are some ways having a career as a scientist has changed your perspective towards metaphysical studies? 

ANSWER: It's all about energy. physical energies and emotional energies are all part of the paranormal. The law of conservation of energy states that Energy cannot be destroyed only transformed, and as I write in my books, the energy within us (think of measuring brain activity of little electrical impulses fired by neurons) couples with our memories, personality and knowledge and we make a conscious choice to stay Earthbound as a ghost, or cross over as a spirit.

So, having the scientific background enables me to have a better grasp on energy, and how energy can be used to give signs from entities that include a physical touch, a noise, or temperature change.

 For Rob Gutro's 7 books on the paranormal, visit: All of Rob's books were written to help explain the paranormal, and teach readers how to find signs from spirit. 

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Spencer the dog Sends 2 Signs to his Mom!

Earlier this month, Bridget wrote me to ask about whether she acknowledged a sign from her beautiful dog Spencer who had passed. It was a sign! In fact, Spencer sent two signs to his mom and one was in a very personal place he had visited with his mom. 

 Bridget said that November 11th was two years since Spencer passed. During the week of the anniversary of his passing,  she was at her mother-in-laws house on Cape Cod, and a caregiver came to visit. The caregiver showed up with a dog she had fostered and now has adopted.  The dog's name is Sully and he looked just like her dog Spencer. 

Dogs will lead us to other dogs that look like them to let us know they are still very much around us in spirit. 

Bridget said she broke down with happy tears and loved on Sully as much as she could . She said it was amazing.   

Spencer wasn't done though! With the help of a human in spirit, Spencer dropped a special coin to let his mom know he was along on a ride. Bridget said "There was a penny I found next to the drivers side of our car. The penny had the date 2002 on it , the year he was born." Even the location was a direct and personal link to Spencer. It's important to look for those personal connections. Bridget said, "I found the penny after coming out of a hotel on our way to upstate New York . It was the first time we stayed there without Spencer with us. It was raining so hard but I felt the need to pick it up anyways."

She said, "Looking back since Spence's passing , everything you share has been true. The signs that they give us are there we just need to be open to them. It really is amazing how the love and the bond still goes on . It’s beautiful actually. Thank you Rob "

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Your Dog's Spirit is Training your new dog- Learn what spirits do in Pets and the Afterlife

Are you grieving after the loss of your dog or cat?  These books can help you work through your grief by showing you how their spirits are still very much around. One of the ways pets in the afterlife communicate is by training your new pet to do some habit they had. You can read about that and other signs in Pets and the Afterlife 1 and 2. 

The love we share with our pets never dies, and there's proof that our pets do communicate with us from the other side, just as people do who pass. I'm a scientist, medium, author and paranormal investigator who has had many experiences with ghosts and spirits, both pets and people, who have communicated messages that helped prove their identity. I've written Pets and the Afterlife and Pets and the Afterlife 2 to teach people how to recognize the signs from their pets in spirit. 

Pet parents like me think about and mourn the loss of their pets often. Sometimes the grief feels inconsolable. One way to work through that grief is to understand that our pets are around us in spirit from time to time and visit us. You just need to be able to recognize those signs. In my two books I explain many of the ways that pets communicate with the living, to convey their presence. 
I've received emails from people around the world who have confirmed signs from their pets and have received comfort knowing their pets are very much around in spirit from time to time. 

Both are available on in paperback and Kindle.: 

Monday, November 16, 2020

Q&A: Can I Separate Some of My Dad's Ashes?

Here's a question about the separation of ashes. This person wanted to put some of her dad's

ashes in a keepsake and wondered if it was okay. Here's the question and my response.  

QUESTION:  My Dad recently passed away Aug 5th 2018.. My sister and I want to keep some of his ashes and spread the rest in the ocean where he loved to be. Will our Dad be at peace if we keep some of his ashes? Can they be separated? Thank you. 

 MY REPONSE: Yes, the ashes can be separated. They really are just remnants of your dad- and your dad's spirit is alive and well. Often people in their wills ask for their ashes to be spread in different places they liked. In spirit, it really doesn't matter to them where the ashes go- because their spirit will be around you.

For the full blog about Ashes and Urns:

You can get answers to MANY Paranormal questions in LESSONS LEARNED FROM TALKING TO THE DEAD by Rob Gutro, available on

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Alex Matsuo's: 15 Things Paranormal Investigators Should Stop Making a Big Deal About

As a paranormal investigator and a medium, I've run into many of the things that my paranormal colleague Alex Matsuo talks about in her latest blog. Today's blog shares Alex's blog. You can find her page at: Here's the blog she wrote about 15 Things Paranormal Investigators Should Stop Making a Big Deal About


15 Things Paranormal Investigators Should Stop Making a Big Deal About

This might be my most controversial blog to date…well, maybe. This is something I’ve talked about with other members of the paranormal community, and I managed to compile this list. There is a lot going on in the paranormal community. But these fifteen items seem to be something that remains consistent.

1. Egos

This seems to be an ongoing problem in the field that continues to get worse. You would think there would be more openness on the Island of Misfit Toys. What’s more, the things that drive people’s egos are ridiculous things like, “We’re on YouTube.” Yes, so are millions of other people. Or, “I’ve been on TV.” Great, so have a bunch of other people. It’s one thing to have confidence in yourself and the work that you do. But when people start ostracizing, excluding, and being hurtful to others because they’re “too good” for us regular folk…because they’re on YouTube, they’re “young”, or they’re “going places”, then that becomes problematic.

Weird timing, but a few days after I drafted this blog, I was sent this video of a gentleman who was basically told he couldn’t investigate with two teams because he was too old, and no one ever heard of him even though he had been in the field for so many years. I’m sorry, what? That’s ridiculous. YouTube doesn’t make you an instant celebrity, nor does age have ANYTHING to do with skills in the paranormal. Also, not everyone is trying to gain notoriety or celebrity status in this field. If I meet someone with decades more experience than me, heck yeah, come sit at the table and let me pick your brain while I buy you a cup of coffee!

2. Social Media Following

Influencers will tell you that social media following doesn’t mean ANYTHING anymore. It doesn’t mean you’re popular. Likes and follows can be bought these days, and you can tell when a page or profile does this. If you’re going to pay to grow your social media following, put money into Facebook and Instagram ads. The likes and follows you get from that will be genuine followers who will respond to your content. If a page has 300K likes and followers, but they only have an engagement of a few dozen; they bought their likes.

3. Online Classes

Man, when someone is offering an online paranormal class for a price, people lose their minds. Words like “scammer”, “someone trying to make easy money”, and “fraud” start coming out. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with online classes. They can be useful. Now, if they’re offering a certification, then I raise an eyebrow. But, as someone who develops courses and eLearning as their day job, do y’all know how long it takes to make a course? Let alone a full out class with modules? Also, how expensive it is to give it a platform to live on? It takes time. If you don’t want to take the class, then don’t. But don’t demand that the instructor offers their expertise for free for the sake of “anyone can learn.” Go find someone offering their expertise for free. They’re out there. Yes, anyone can learn for free. If someone wants to pay for a class, it’s fine. Keep scrolling and move on.

4. Getting on a TV Show

This sort of hits on my first point. This drives me nuts. It really does. Why? Getting on a TV show isn’t the end-all, be-all in this field. I see folks get almost rabid if a new face gets on a TV show. Their experience is questioned, people wonder if they’re professional. Then there’s all this complaining about how there are people who have been in the field for decades who deserve their own show. Okay, here’s the deal; paranormal reality TV isn’t marketed to seasoned paranormal investigators. It’s marketed towards regular people who have no idea what the ghost hunting world is about. Personally, a lot of the shows I prefer to watch are on YouTube and Amazon Prime, and other more independent platforms. But, do you know what this means? You can create your own paranormal show! Don’t wait for the mainstream networks to make you an offer.

5. Para Unity

Don’t get me wrong, we should all treat each other with decency and respect. But, I’ve noticed that the people who yell, “Para unity!” the loudest are often the ones who treat others poorly. They steal material, gossip, put people on blast for no reason, and constantly air their drama. I’ve been asked to do some pretty awful things for the sake of “para unity.” Truth be told, I don’t believe we should be rewarding good behavior that we should already be doing as decent human beings. Don’t be a jerk. That means you shouldn’t steal other people’s images or videos. It’s not fair to keep building your platform on the hard work of others and give credit where credit is due.

6. Differing Opinions

Okay, I will out myself and admit that this is something I’m still working on. If someone disagrees with you, or doesn’t think that your evidence is showing a ghost, it doesn’t mean they’re attacking you. They won’t think any less of you unless you start personally attacking them. I’ve seen people put others on full blast and start doxxing their personal lives because they disagreed about an orb in a video. There is a lot of ego in this field to the point where folks are causing harm and heartache to others. It needs to stop.

7. Acronyms

Acronyms were cool back in the early 2000s, maybe in the 2010s. But, acronyms are kind of old now. Plus, I’ve seen some really weird team names for the sake of spelling out G.H.O.S.T. or P.A.R.A.N.O.R.M.A.L or S.P.I.R.I.T. It gets confusing too, and it can be hard to brand that. Do you know how many GHOST teams there are with that acronym? A lot. Too many to count.

8. CCTV Video

I’ve been seeing CCTV as the “end all be all” factor for paranormal evidence, and honestly, it’s not. It’s faulty. It lags, it freezes, and it makes things like raccoons look like demonic gnomes. Plus, CCTV footage can easily be manipulated. Unless I have a personal tie with that CCTV security system (it’s mine), and I can track what was captured and it’s hard to take anything on the internet at face value. I’m seeing more and more paranormal compilation videos on YouTube that are obviously fabricated, and it’s disappointing.

I know some will fight me tooth and nail on this, so I’m probably preaching to the choir since my regular readers align with the same thoughts as me. This is my opinion, and if you disagree, I promise I don’t hate you. Confession: I was a photographer before I considered myself a paranormal investigator. I knew what orbs were before I realized people called them ghosts and spirits in the paranormal community. Orbs are actually covered in a lot of manuals for cameras. It’s dust, moisture, bugs, dander, basically explainable. Yes, dust can look like it’s going through walls if it’s going in and out of focus. Bugs can look like angels or fairies on camera. Yes, you can see faces in orbs thanks to the pareidolia effect.

Does this mean I don’t believe in orbs? No. Another confession: I’ve seen orbs I couldn’t explain. But I saw them with my naked eye. They emitted their own light. And they didn’t float the same way as dust. Orbs in photos and videos don’t emit their own light, they’re reflecting light. That’s a big difference.

9. Apps

Not all ghost hunting apps are created equal. I suggest that you research apps before downloading them. Anything that’s sold as a “ghost radar” or “ghost detector”, you should look for something else. Some of the better ghost apps include EchoVox, which is an ITC tool. Personally, for me, I’m hesitant to use any apps since our phones aren’t equipped to detect and gauge the environment. Also, any app that lets you insert a photo of a ghost is a big NO.

10. Skeptics

When I say skeptics, I mean the paranormal community needs to stop the mindset that skeptics are bad. They aren’t. They’re fantastic. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some skeptics out there who are total jerks. But, that doesn’t mean that all skeptics are that way. There are many fantastic ones out there who are just as curious about the paranormal as the rest of us, and often, they are looking to have that experience. The difference is that skeptics are hardcore critical thinkers, and need something more solid. They hold the paranormal community accountable and they are a valued asset to the community.

11. Demons

Not everything is a demon. Sometimes it’s a really negative human spirit. Other times, it’s elemental. Sometimes it’s nothing at all. It’s interesting how those who don’t believe in demons don’t seem to have an issue with them. It’s all about mindset and what energy you’re putting out there.

12. Religion

There is more than one religion in the paranormal field, and they are all bring something of value to the table. To me, all religions are valid because it goes back to intention and mindset. I’ve seen cleansings and blessings tied with other religions that were just as effective as Christian methods. As I mentioned in the point about demons, it goes back to your intentions and your convictions. If you’re certain that a Christian method will work, it will.

13. Ouija Boards

I don’t understand the hate against Ouija boards. Yes, I know people associate them with demons. Yes, people have had negative experiences with it, but people have had negative experiences in other areas of their life that they keep going back to. Furthermore, I don’t understand the venom that comes from people who speak out against the Ouija board. We’re talking personal insults, and even lowkey paranormal drama. Do these folks not understand that their hatred of the board and attacking others is just as negative and evil as the Ouija board (or so they think)?

14. Celebrities Joining the Field

This is something I’ve always been fascinated with, especially after it was revealed that Stormy Daniels was working on her own ghost hunting show. So many people have had paranormal experiences, and it should be no surprise that celebrities have had them too. If they want to join the paranormal bandwagon, let them! The more the merrier. There is a lot of gatekeeping in the field, questioning experience and professionalism, It needs to stop. Especially when someone who isn’t famous shares similar life experiences as a celebrity, and they see their lifestyle and choices under attack as a reason to not be in the community.

15. Facebook Groups

I love Facebook groups. They are such a wonderful way to connect with other like-minded people. I can share my content and have amazing conversations with folks and get awesome perspectives. But, each Facebook group is like its own little universe, and some people think they’re gods in little ponds. There are millions of paranormal Facebook groups out there, and there should be a shift in focus to cultivating the community instead of trying to constantly grow numbers, competing for admin/mod status, and booting people over disagreements. It’s just Facebook, y’all.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

VIDEO Interview: Keystone State Paranormal Talks Pet Spirits with Rob Gutro

 The Keystone State Paranormal group interviewed Rob Gutro, Author and medium on Oct 29, 2020 from the historic Harrison House in Columbus, Ohio, where they were also doing a paranormal investigation. Rob called into the show.

Jim of Keystone said: The spirits at the Harrison house for some reason were interfering with my ability to e-mail or post - but I wanted to thank Rob Gutro - our guest Thursday night - for a wonderful and informative show - I had comments from several of our audience - how emotional to them the show was and uplifting - great and enlightening information and tremendous stories - Rob has graciously agreed to be a return quest in the future - so we can expand on our information base on this subject that is near and dear to so many. Our audience had such great questions and inquiries and Rob thoroughly enjoyed himself as he touched so many. - Jim, Keystone State Paranormal

Friday, November 13, 2020

YouTube 2018 Interview: Edge of the Rabbit Hole : Ghosts of England with Rob Gutro

 This is my 2018  "Edge of the Rabbit Hole" Interview: Ghosts of England  with Rob Gutro

Mike Ricksecker and Vanessa Hogle's You Tube Paranormal show "Edge of the Rabbit Hole" welcomed back Author and Paranormal Investigator Rob Gutro to Edge of the Rabbit Hole! - It's based on my Amazon Paranormal book "Ghosts of England on a Medium's Vacation."  
We discussed his experiences at the haunted Mineral Spring Hotel, the continuing conversation about ghosts in England, and of course, pets and the afterlife!  (the interview occurred on Sept. 11, 2018 at 9:30 p.m. EDT)


Thursday, November 12, 2020

Email from Jennie About her Cat Whom Passed

Recently on one of the blogs I wrote, a woman named Jennie wrote me in the public

comments section about her experience and feelings through the event of her cat's passing. Below is her note and my response, which may be helpful to some other pet parents. - Rob

JENNIE'S NOTE: October 3, 2020 at 7:18 PM 

   Hi Mr. Gutro,I'm Jennie.About 2 and a half weeks ago my cat became very ill and the vet said he was severely anemic and that a blood transfusion would only prolong his life by a few days before needing another one. I'm heart broken and feeling tremendous guilt. 

 For over a year I had spent very little time petting him or allowing him to snuggle with me. I was very stressed out and short tempered. I never hit him but raised my voice, sometimes yelled when he would come behind me and bang his head against the back of my knee while I was trying to fix his meals. 

 Well, I had him euthanized because I didn't want him to suffer. 

But I'm so angry at myself for treating him the way I did. I wish he knew how much I love him and that he was my little angel. 

 I received his ashes today and I will be keeping them close to me. I will talk to him. I hope he hears me. Thank you for listening ❤🌈 

MY RESPONSE: October 19, 2020 at 7:22 PM Hi Jennie- As parents, whether pet parents or human parents, it's normal to be agitated or irritated at behavior of our "kids." I'm so sorry for your loss. But please know that your cat knew what was going on with him, and the stress that you have been under. He read your stress and realized it wasn't from him - he was just there. 

He also read your energy, and knew that you struggled to make the decision to help him cross. 

He also knew that his little body couldn't handle another transfusion either. He doesn't want you to feel guilty. You are a great pet parent, and you're being thanked from him on the other side for caring enough to bring him to the vet. 

He can hear you. He's energy now, and sound and thoughts are energy. He will always be around you! 

I recommend reading one of my Pets and the Afterlife books to get an idea of what signs he may use to show you he's very much around.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Learn about the Haunted Old Yellow House and More in "Case Files of Inspired Ghost Tracking"

 A new book called "Case Files of Inspired Ghost Tracking," by best-selling paranormal author Rob Gutro takes readers on paranormal investigations into private and historic homes where ghosts were traumatizing families. 
   Learn about the Old Yellow House, a haunted childhood home of IGT founder Margaret Erhlich, and how the ghosts inspired her to form the paranormal team many years later that brought the team into many strange situations. 
   Rob, a medium in the Inspired Ghost Tracking paranormal group, announced the release of his seventh paranormal book that brings readers along on investigations and reveals some bizarre and shocking things the group found and how they helped the ghosts and families.     

"When earthbound ghosts have traumatized families in their own homes, Inspired Ghost Tracking (IGT) of Maryland has gone in to cross them over," Gutro said. "Every case is different, too. Some have had earthbound ghosts that were friendly, others were not. IGT experienced a lot of bad energies that caused people to become physically sick or mentally traumatized. IGT investigators had to figure who, what, when and why things were happening, to finally bring peace to the living and the dead."  

In this collection of IGT cases, you’ll read about the "Burned Ghost," ghosts of two different time periods in one home, dark things that Ouija boards brought into homes, a very haunted Maryland mansion, many ghosts of Baltimore’s Federal Hill, a ghostly attachment, a Steelworker’s ghost, poltergeist activity, the famous IGT “Double Murder Ghost Investigation” and many more.

You'll find answers to questions like why ghosts choose to stay in a place, the differences and similarities between ghosts and spirits, why energy is the key to the paranormal and much more.

Although Rob has become known as a "Pet Medium" through the success of his best-selling books "Pets and the Afterlife" and "Pets and the Afterlife 2," he also connects with human earthbound ghosts and spirits.

Gutro is the first in the paranormal field to make the distinction between earthbound ghosts and spirits who have crossed over. Rob has three books about his experience with human ghosts and spirits, called "Ghosts and Spirits," "Lessons Learned from Talking to the Dead," and "Ghosts of England on a Medium's Vacation," and most recently, "Kindred Spirits: How a Medium Befriended a Spirit."   

Rob Gutro has been featured in the Washington Post and nationally syndicated radio programs like "Coast to Coast AM." Rob is a volunteer with Dachshund and Weimaraner rescues and gives fundraising lectures for animal rescues around the U.S., teaching grieving pet parents how pets communicate from the afterlife.   

Amazon Author Page: 

Monday, November 9, 2020

Paranormal Q and A: How Do you answer requests for Investigating Houses for Paranormal Activity?

Inspired Ghost Tracking core investigators
Each week, I'll answer a question about the paranormal, whether a general question, or one about human or animal ghosts (Earthbound) or spirits (crossed over). Here's this week's question:

QUESTION: How Do you answer requests for Investigating Houses for Paranormal Activity? 

ANSWER: I'm a member of the Inspired Ghost Tracking Group from Hanover, Maryland. Whenever people suspect a haunting, that is, an active (Intelligent) ghost in their home, they contact the IGT group through their website. They answer extensive questionnaires and then the manager sets up a phone call and if she thinks it warrants, a paranormal investigation happens.

 During investigations, I work with another medium or two, and tech people on the paranormal group to investigate what may be paranormal problems in private residences. If we can't debunk what's happening, we consider it paranormal. Since I'm a meteorologist I can debunk atmospheric issues, and we have an architect on staff who can debunk house-settling noises, We have dealt with many actual Earth-bound ghosts, and some poltergeists (mental activity that simulates a ghost, caused by a teenager going through hormonal changes).

 - We always cross the ghost over to the other side. I'm never nervous, but sometimes concerned if I know that someone was using a Ouija board - because those can open doorways to bad people in spirit!

 For Rob Gutro's 7 books on the paranormal, visit: All of Rob's books were written to help explain the paranormal, and teach readers how to find signs from spirit.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Check out my friend John's Travel Blog for Ghosts and History

If you love travel, enjoy learning about places to visit around the world (especially so you can plan to go after the pandemic), and you like haunted places, you can find all of those things in my friend John's Blog called' Travel with Ackbar." 
 John and I have been friends for about 40 years since we were teenagers and he's worked at Disney for decades. He's artistic and has an eye for photography. He's combined those passions with his love for travel, history and the paranormal (not everything on the blog is about ghosts, however, the history and photos are awesome!) . You'll want to make his blog a favorite: 

    Here's a snippet from his latest post
Nerdy Adventures Around The World

Spectral Cats and Dogs

Near The Tower of London, All Hallow’s Church shared in the bloody history of it’s neighbors. Legend states that the beheaded victims of Tower executions were sent there for temporary burial. Among it’s happier memories are the baptism of William Penn and the marriage of John Quincy Adams. Being so close to The Tower of London, one may expect All Hallow’s to have it’s share of headless spirits. This is a different kind of ghost story.

In 1920, the choir noticed a grey haired old lady in old fashioned dress watching them as they practiced Christmas Carols. The choirmaster was surprised to see the woman as he had locked the church’s door. Once they choir rehearsal had ended, the mysterious woman had vanished. The boys heard a strange sound “as if a cat was in the building and was trying to get out.” One of the boys shouted to the choirmaster, ‘There it is sir! I saw a cat rush out of the room and go down towards the south aisle!’ The group searched the aisles for the cat and found nothing, even noting that the front doors were still locked. Several years later, an old man approached the choirmaster. He explained that he thought he knew who the mysterious woman was. As a choirboy at that very church almost 60 years prior, there was an eccentric lady organist with a strong passion for cats. He told him that cats would follow the woman everywhere and she would pay him to help feed the cats.

The Atheneum Club, The Traveler’s Club and The Reform Club are located off of Pall Mall. On our last night in London, we took part in a ghost tour. As we stood in front of these old men only clubs once frequented by the likes of Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Alfred, Lord Tennyson, we listened to the story of a phantom dog that caused car accidents. It has been reported that several accidents were caused when a small dog ran out in front of one of the drivers. No sooner than the end of this tale, two cars next to us got into a fender bender.

Tucked away in this square lies the grave of a German Shepherd named Giro. Giro was the companion of the German Ambassador who resided in the area. It is considered the only Nazi memorial in the UK and in recent years there has been discussion of removing it. Could Giro be running around the Mall after dark just trying to be a real dog?

You can read more about Giro and his master here…

For more information on pets in the afterlife check out my friend Rob’s books…