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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Fun Event- My Lectures at Calvert County Humane Society!

  This past Sunday, August 22, I participated in an in-person fundraising lecture series for the Humane Society of Calvert County, Maryland. Thanks to Tanya Gott, who manages the rescue (which is not government funded and rescues "death row dogs," so  they need your donations). As part of my quest to do fundraisers for all animal rescues, I gave my lecture (in fact TWO of them, at 12pm and 3pm) based on my three best-selling books "Pets and the Afterlife: How pets communicate from spirit."  That's what today's blog is about. 

   Both sessions were well-attended, and restricted due to COVID concerns. The event was held at a local Holiday Inn in Solomons, Maryland (on a Peninsula). 

My good friend, Dr. Bill came along for the long ride (it was 90 minutes each way). 

(Photo right: Bill and Rob) 

He also wrote one of the chapters about how to cope with grief,  in my latest book, "Pets and the Afterlife 3: Messages from Spirit Dogs."  That book just won an international Book award by the BookAuthority as one of the 16 Best eBooks on Grief (and interestingly enough, the other 15 were about grief from loss of people. Mine was the only one about grief from pet loss).

(Photo: Tanya Gott of the Humane Society doing introductions. Credit: R.Gutro)

The events were great, and there were some good questions. Tanya provided great introductions to the rescue operations, and shared that I did a pet spirit reading for her. Both she and I got emotional at times when we were talking about our pets in spirit, but it was healing. Hopefully everyone attending got something good out of the event.  A tremendous thanks to Tanya and her helpers. 

PLEASE Donate the the Humane Society of Calvert County- they are strictly donation based. Here's their facebook page:

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