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Saturday, August 28, 2021

BETTER PETS.COM 11 little-known facts about owning a dog

 Recently I was contacted by Dr. Leslie Brooks DVM, MPH, a Vet Advisor She asked if I would share latest posting about 11 facts you NEED to know about being a dog parent. As a dog dad, dog rescuer, and Pet medium, I thought this article was well done and covered a lot of important things, so I'm sharing it here with you. (Check out my Award-winning book "Pets and the Afterlife 3: Messages from Spirit Dogs" on Amazon).


Please remember- A Dog or Cat is NOT and OBJECT. They are living, breathing animals with intelligence, memories and personality. They feel love, they feel hurt, they feel loneliness and they need to be loved unconditionally as they love us. 

A Dog or Cat is not something you adopt because you're home alone in a pandemic, then dump at an animal rescue.  You wouldn't do that to human children, would you? There's no difference (and it has been happening). If you're not ready to adopt for the pet's life, don't adopt. There are more responsible people that are willing to do that. 

 BETTER PETS.COM 11 little-known facts about owning a dog

We just published a more comprehensive guide that details 11 little-known facts about owning a dog. I’ve found that many people who adopted a dog did not fully understand all the responsibilities, time, and costs that come with being a dog parent. I hope our guide can help set the right expectations for your readers so they can raise their pups responsibly.  

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