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Sunday, September 5, 2021

Great In-Person Event! "Talking with Relatives in Spirit" at Inspired Ghost Tracking Meeting

 A big thanks to everyone who came out on Sept. 3, Friday for the interactive lecture called "Talking with Relatives in Spirit" - at the Monthly meeting of Inspired Ghost Tracking, Hanover, MD. Here's the story! 

As IGT mediums, Troy and I discussed how relatives in spirit can come to you in various ways. We shared some of our experiences and had IGT meeting attendees how their relatives have given them messages.  

Troy conveyed an experience that he had this week, where he was called upon to connect with someone in Missouri (from Troy in Washington, DC) to help cross over the ghost of a young boy. Troy opened a portal at the young boy ghost's location and called upon the spirits (whom crossed over) of his family (all long dead from the 1800s). Troy was on the phone with a man named Rick, who sensed the little boy's ghost and wanted to help. It ended with a reunion all in spirit. An amazing story. 

There were many stories shared from seeing shadows, to meeting look-alikes of loved ones who passed.  Other stories included finding coins, experiences with animals or insects that appeared at specific times/dates that were meaningful to loved ones. Music and specific songs were cited as signs from loved ones that were heard at times relevant to the loved one in spirit. Some people even heard their spirit loved one audibly speak to them!  Some also shared dreams of their loved ones, which is the easiest way for spirits to communicate. 

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For more ways about how spirits can communicate from the afterlife, read Rob Gutro's true paranormal books.  Lessons Learned from Talking to the Dead is a great reference among them. For messages from spirit pets, check out his three books on Pets and the Afterlife. 


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