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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Part 2 Q&A: Ashes in a Civil War Battlefield - Sign from a Blue Jay

In Sunday's blog, I answered a question from a man who was interested in having his ashes scattered http://ghostsandspiritsinsights.blogspot.com/2019/11/q-would-spreading-my-ashes-in-civil-war.html .
on a Civil War battlefield, and whether that would offer comfort to the ghosts of the lingering soldiers. You can find that story here:
Today's blog is the follow up email he sent me after he visited the battlefield to find the right "spot" for his ashes. A spirit motivated a Blue Jay to tell him exactly where that would be.  Here's his story:

Hi Rob-  I thought I could be "closer"[to the battlefield], but I was just too overwhelmed with the visions  and my emotions of the closeness of the actual brutality of war. The vivid descriptions of each location the Park Ranger narrated to me, which I asked him to do, just plain and simple did not want me to be there.....then or forever !
   So I asked him to show me a place more peaceful or even a scenic area if possible.

We went to a battle scene that was the last battle, the one that ended the

Stones River Conflict. 58 Union Cannons spread 7 football fields apart literally took the forest down along with 1,800 Confederate soldiers in a  matter of minutes before they could cross Stones River.
Image result for stones river conflict mcfadden's farm
The place I chose was where the cannon balls would have been fired over my location. No one died here, only beyond the cannon fire. I felt more at peace being " between " our conflict than in the middle of it. The place is McFadden's Farm.

As I walked this large rocky scenic area looking for my final resting place, I kept hoping for a sign, a voice, a feeling, something to make me stop and say, here, this is the place. It was a sunny crisp cold fall day, very quiet. Everyone stopped talking, the wind seemed to stop as I walked ahead among the rocky terrain. It became eerie quiet.

Then from above, high in the tall spruce trees a Blue Jay let out what sounded to me urgent calls. I stopped, looked above but couldn't see the Jay, but knew instantly this was the place. The Jay, or someone as a Jay chose my final resting place. That was my Spirit Jay, no doubt.
A peaceful site

 MY RESPONSE:  That was quite an experience on the battlefield. I agree that the energy there is disturbing in areas where active battle occurred. I am glad to hear you found the peaceful spot near McFadden's Farm and that you were paying attention when spirit inspired the Blue Jay to tell you where to go.  That's an amazing story. Thanks for the update and for sharing the experience!

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