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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Q&A: Would Spreading My Ashes in a Civil War Battlefield Comfort Ghostly Soldiers

The Sunken Road-( Bloody Lane) 5,000+ Union and Confederates died
Recently I received a question from a man who wanted to bring comfort to the many ghosts of Civil War soldiers who still haunt battlefields. He wondered if bringing his ashes to haunted sites would help the ghosts find peace (what a wonderfully unselfish idea... but...) Here's the question and my answer:

I have chosen to have my ashes scattered at Stones River Battlefield, Murfreesboro, TN.
My request was to be near a soldier or soldiers that may have died alone. My thoughts being that maybe I could be of some comfort. Below is a response I got from a representative from the Battlefield:

" If you want my opinion on a place for your ceremony where a soldier might have faced dying alone, then I'd say the area at our Tour Stop #2 is the best bet. That area that became known as the Slaughter Pen, saw some of the most vicious fighting of the battle. The Confederates pushed through Union resistance there after a two hour struggle and moved north more than half mile for the final fighting on December 31, 1862. The wounded men left behind could have waited for days for assistance since they lay behind the battle lines a

nd many certainly perished while waiting. "

I have found out that there have been ghosts seen in this location. I guess my question is that now, I'm second guessing myself if this is a good idea.

 Why have these soldiers have not moved on? Will my presence be of any value ?

 . That's an interesting concept to have your ashes scattered at a battlefield where many soldiers passed away.  I understand your intentions and they are truly honorable.
    I am unsure however, that these Earthbound ghosts would understand why your ashes are being scattered there. 
   When you pass, you will very likely cross over and become a spirit. Your ashes will just be a residual material. You will be on the other side and not connected to them so your intention would likely not come through to the Earthbound ghosts.
    The best way to comfort these Earthbound ghosts or help them is to go to the location mentioned and tell them to cross over, or look for places where the light to the other side opens such as hospitals, cemeteries, and funeral homes. Once a light opens from someone recently passed, they can cross over with the person.
    You asked why soldiers will stay Earthbound. Often it's because they died suddenly.    Sometimes when someone is murdered, they awakened as energy and are unaware that they are dead. In their confusion, they linger too long. How long that is no one knows, but staying on Earth too long as energy traps you. That's why so many battlefields are haunted. 
  So my advice to you would be to find a place that you like, and have your ashes scattered there instead.
Again if you want to help any Earthbound ghosts, go to that location and give them the instructions that I wrote about. 
Sincerely, Rob

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