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Rob Gutro is an author, paranormal investigator and medium with Inspired Ghost Tracking of Maryland. Since he was a child he could receive messages from ghosts or spirits (who have crossed over). *He wrote the books "Pets and the Afterlife," "Pets and the Afterlife 2," "Ghosts and Spirits" and "Lessons Learned from Talking to the Dead" to teach others how ghosts and Spirits communicate with the living and to give proof of the afterlife. As a scientist, he also provides some scientific explanations about how energy is the baseline for the afterlife and the medium that entities use to communicate.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Q&A: What if I don't keep my pet's ashes?

Ashes are echoes of previous life
Recently I received a question about not keeping a pet's ashes. You don't need to feel as if you should- it's an individual choice, and spirit will always find you.

In previous blogs I've mentioned that if you have a pet's or a person's ashes there may be some residual energy attached to them which can serve as a draw or a magnet to attract their energy. However, since most people and pets are cremated or buried in whole form, their spirit still finds us because they are tuned into our energy.

Q: The ashes of my dog were put into a communal cremation, and I am struggling with guilt. What can you tell me?

A: There is no need to feel any guilt or anxiety about placement of her ashes in a communal cremation.  They were just remnants of a physical existence.
  Our pet's and people's souls leave their physical body, usually even just before their physical body dies.  The ashes are just the remnants of a physical shell, but it's not necessary to keep them. They have a small amount of residual energy, but that fades over time, and a connection to them fades over time. What doesn't fade is the bond of energy (of love) you share, that will always keep you connected. 

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