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Rob Gutro is an author, paranormal investigator and medium with Inspired Ghost Tracking of Maryland. Since he was a child he could receive messages from ghosts or spirits (who have crossed over). *He wrote the books "Pets and the Afterlife," "Pets and the Afterlife 2," "Ghosts and Spirits" and "Lessons Learned from Talking to the Dead" to teach others how ghosts and Spirits communicate with the living and to give proof of the afterlife. As a scientist, he also provides some scientific explanations about how energy is the baseline for the afterlife and the medium that entities use to communicate.

Monday, October 27, 2014

A Little Girl's Spirit Gives Me a Tragic Story

A girl like the spirit I saw
At Medium Barb Mallon's Halloween event this weekend I received a couple of messages from spirits. One of them was from a child. I was sitting in the back of the room while Barb was getting messages from a spirit when a little girl's spirit

came through to me. 
   She told me she was a young African-American girl and she had passed. I felt a dry throat and heard her say, "There was smoke everywhere. There was a fire in our house. It was hot, I was tired, I couldn't breathe and I fell asleep. She told me that she was wearing a red top and little black skirt. She said that she's okay now, and she said she may be heard walking around the house at night. 
  She also said that "Whenever you're cooking on the stove, I'm standing right next to you."
I held onto that message and didn't know who it belonged to- but the little girl would tell me later.
  When the night's events came to a close I didn't have the opportunity to read my 2 messages aloud, so it was up to spirit to tell me who they were for. After the session, I went into the lobby of the hotel (where the event took place) and stood at a table with my three books. 
house fire with a lot of smoke
  I talked with a lot of people that evening, but when two women came up to me, one caucasian and the other African-American I felt the little girl's spirit nudge me to tell the women my message. 
  The African-American woman said "That's my husband's cousin. Actually cousins. There were two little girls ages 3 and 5 that died in a fire recently." He wanted to know if they were okay on the other side, and this was his confirmation.    So why did I only get messages from one of them? She was the "spokesperson" for both of them. Oftentimes one spirit will come through stronger and more vocal than another - as in the case of a husband and wife for instance. 
  It was amazing that not only was this little girl descriptive, but she pointed out the person that needed the message. 
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