Who is Rob Gutro, Medium/Author/Paranormal Investigator?

Rob Gutro is an author, paranormal investigator and medium with Inspired Ghost Tracking of Maryland. Since he was a child he could receive messages from ghosts or spirits (who have crossed over). As a scientist, he also provides some scientific explanations about how energy is the baseline for the afterlife and the medium that entities use to communicate. In 2005, Rob's late puppy passed and inspired Rob to write his first book and enabled him to communicate with pets. Rob participates in private paranormal investigations, helps ghosts cross over, and has provided countless messages from people or pets as ghosts or spirits. He lived in a haunted house, too!

***HIS BOOKS: Pets and the Afterlife, Pets and the Afterlife 2, Lessons Learned from Talking to the Dead and Ghosts and Spirits, Ghosts of England on a Medium's Vacation, Kindred Spirits: How a Medium Befriended a Spirit and Case Files of Inspired Ghost Tracking** BEST SELLERS- Rob's books have reached "best-seller" status on Amazon.com in various paranormal categories. All are available in paperback and E-book on Amazon.com ***DOG RESCUES - Rob has volunteered with with Dachshund and Weimaraner rescues since 2008 and is a pet parent of 4 dogs, 3 Dachshunds and 1 Weimaraner. He also prefers doing fundraising lectures for dog and cat rescues! JUST ASK… Rgutro@gmail.com

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Interesting Book : Asheville Ghosts and Legends

I recently took a trip to Asheville, NC and enjoyed an historic tour and a ghost tour of the town. The history is always fascinating to hear about and the ghost stories make it more interesting. Of course, some of them are bound to be hyped up, but others will make you think. I did buy a book from the tour and found it enjoyable from an historic and ghost hunting perspective. It's called "Ashville Ghosts and Legends by Ken Traylor and Delas M. House Jr. It makes for an interesting read!

Product Description

Nestled in the heart of North Carolina's share of the Smoky Mountains, Asheville is one of the South's most haunted cities. The picturesque landscape of this charming mountain destination belies what is in truth a violent, ghoulish past. Asheville has seen its share of horror, ranging from the suicide of the city's financial manager during the throws of the Depression, to hosting a tuberculosis sanatorium, to a night of murderous rampage in 1902.

With wit and style, authors Ken Traylor and Delas House use their years of experience as the owners and lead guides for the "Haunted Ghost Tour of Asheville" to steer readers on a journey through the city's eeriest sites, from Riverside Cemetery to the Battery Park Hotel. Drawing on an unmatched repertoire of spectral lore, Traylor and House present a variety of ghastly accounts that are both thrilling and chilling.

Traylor's personal experience as a guide and interpreter of local ghostlore adds a unique twist to this collection of macabre stories. Through years of research, he has amassed an intriguing collection of the area's haunted tales, and with
Asheville Ghosts and Legends he seeks to share the gruesome details of Asheville's wicked past.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Washington Post Story and Video

The WASHINGTON POST ran a story about my abilities and my book today. You can see it at: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/10/28/AR2010102804028.html?sid=ST2010102804311

The Washington Post put together a pretty cool video about the speaking event I did at the Baltimore Book Escape (in Federal Hill) and the ghost hunt that followed soon after in the basement.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why Is My Book Different from Other Books on Ghosts?

I've received a lot of good questions about my book, so I wanted to share some answers: My book is different from other books on ghosts in that it's VERY personal, and explains things using Science.   
I wrote the book based on my abilities to communicate with those who have passed. Because I'm a meteorologist/scientist, I provided scientific explanations on the how and why ghosts and spirits  exist and are able to communicate.  
I always get a headache whenever I'm in the presence of a ghost or spirit (and there is a difference)- which I also explain in the book. I explain such as why towns near water have more activity. The book contains my personal experiences on and off ghost tours and in historic places and the experiences of some others- where I explain what the  ghost or spirit is trying to convey.

Ghosts and Spirits: Insights from a Medium

by Rob Gutro
WHO INSPIRED ME TO WRITE THE BOOK? - My puppy Buzz was killed at 6 months old in front of me when his leash opened. He's come back to me about 15 times in many ways.  He was a HUGE inspiration, and my dad died as I was finishing the book. He's come back to me and helped me prove to my family that he's around. My book is "Ghosts and Spirits: Insights from a Medium." 
Rob Gutro

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Amazing Ghostly Orb at the L.B. Jackson Bldg in Asheville, NC

This is the second site we visited during the Ashville "Ghost and Haunt Tours" was even more revealing than the first (Thomas Wolfe house). At the L.B. Jackson building located at Pack Square we captured the most incredible orb ever on film. See below. Built in 1924, this was the site of several jumping suicides. One was a businessman who jumped from the 12th floor during the day of the stock market crash in 1929. Another was a woman leaning out the 5th floor window. They're still wandering around outside of the building where they died. The orbs prove that. These photos were taken one after the other in sequence.

WHAT ARE ORBS? - Per GhostStudy.com: Orbs are believed (by many) to be ghosts in the form of balls of light. They are life forms that travel in groups and are believed to be the human soul or life force of those that once inhabited a physical body here on earth. It is theorized that ghosts prefer the form of an Orb (ball of light) because it takes less energy thus being the mode of choice among the ghosts. The consensus is that small orbs take up the least amount of energy and apparitions and other fuller shapes take up the most. MORE INFO: http://ghoststudy.com/a_what_are_orbs.html

First photo of the L.B. Jackson Bldg... no orbs.

Second picture of the LB Jackson Bldg has an
orb in the middle right side.

Amazing orb with colors and designs
(that's how you know its not dust or a bug)

3rd photo has no orbs.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fun at the Bowie Senior Center -Speaking Event and Great Questions!

Today I had the wonderful opportunity (thanks, Jenny) to speak about my experiences with Ghosts and Spirits at the Bowie Senior Center in Maryland. There were about 20 people in attendance, and I received great questions. I thought I would share some of the questions and experiences while they're fresh in my mind.
1) SPIRIT AT A GRAVESITE - One person told me that she laid flowers at her son's grave (he was killed in the military) and she took several photos of the gravestone all newly decorated. She said that in one of the photos there appeared to be two pole-like white mists. She realized that they were her the legs of her son, who was standing there watching her.
- Ghosts and spirits don't continually haunt cemeteries. However, when a person goes to a cemetary to honor their loved one, they are filled with love and hope that their loved one is in the light. That love is the energy needed to power a spirit up to appear or give a sign at the cemetary, while their loved one is there. I would love to see that photo.
2) SUICIDES -I was asked about suicides. Yes, people who commit suicides do pass into the light. Some take longer than others to move into the light, but its all about when the develop that awareness that it was wrong to take their own lives. Once they realize that (just like people who experience sudden death in an accident need to realize they're dead), then they can move into the light. People who commit suicide do not go to "hell." That's a religious fallacy.
3) ANIMALS AND GHOSTS- One man mentioned that his cat would often stare at an area in his basement. He said one time a white mist (ectoplasm, apparently) came from the corner and the cat ran. Yes, cats and dogs have a higher sensitivity to movement, and can see ghosts and spirits. In that case, even the owner could see the ghost!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Photos of Ghostly Orbs at the Thomas Wolfe House/Museum

During a recent visit to Asheville, North Carolina we took the "Ghost and Haunt Tours" (Tel. 828-355-5855) and got a great look and history of buildings in downtown. The tourguide was incredible, and the information about the buildings and the ghost stories were great. The day following the ghost tour, we took a tour of Author Thomas Wolfe's house to get an inside look at it, and where Thomas Wolfe's brother passed away. You'll see why in the photos below.

About the Thomas Wolfe House/Museum from http://www.wolfememorial.com/: Considered by many to be one of the giants of 20th Century American Literature, Thomas Wolfe immortalized his childhood home in his epic autobiographical novel, Look Homeward, Angel. Wolfe's colorful portrayal of his family, his hometown of Asheville, North Carolina, and the Old Kentucky Home boarding house earned the historic Victorian home a place as one of American Literature's most famous landmarks.

This is a window on the 2nd floor on the left side of the
Thomas Wolfe House. We approached it from the left side of
the house on the tour and I sensed something up there in that room.
Here's the front of the Thomas Wolfe House.
The room I sensed something in is on the 2nd floor -right side
of this photo. Note there was no orb in this photo, but one
appeared immediately in the next photo.

Notice the Ghostly ORB in this photo in front of the 2nd floor
window of the home. Turned out that that was the room where
Tom's brother died in bed and Tom was sitting beside him.
Here's a close up of the ghostly orb. You can tell it's an orb
and not a speck of dust or a bug because it has colors
and designs in it..

WHAT ARE ORBS? - Per GhostStudy.com: Orbs are believed (by many) to be ghosts in the form of balls of light. They are life forms that travel in groups and are believed to be the human soul or life force of those that once inhabited a physical body here on earth. It is theorized that ghosts prefer the form of an Orb (ball of light) because it takes less energy thus being the mode of choice among the ghosts. The consensus is that small orbs take up the least amount of energy and apparitions and other fuller shapes take up the most. MORE INFO: http://ghoststudy.com/a_what_are_orbs.html

This is the room where Thomas Wolfe's brother passed away,
and is the room that is haunted by the brother.
The ghostly orb was seen floating directly outside in my other photos.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Close Sister's Message to Me at a Convention

During the new life convention, a woman came to me at my table and explained that her sister passed recently. Her sister was a teen who was troubled. She mentioned a couple of other things, and her sister came through to me! She told me to tell her living sibling that it wasn't her fault (the woman before me said she did feel guilt and thought she should've helped her sister more). The sister who passed was very forceful in trying to have me convince her living sister that the one who passed knew it was her time. She chose to ignore the outreach of her sister, and knew her sister was a "rock" for her, but she had to make her own mistakes (that took her life). At the end of this brief, emotional reading the late sister told me to hug her living sister, which I did. We both cried. The woman knew that she was supposed to come to my table for some reason, and that's why. Her late sister had a message.
The message for anyone who knows a friend or loved one that takes their own life is that YOU should never feel guilty. That person chose to do that act. They do regret it in the afterlife, and always try to assure the living that they're okay and are watching over the living.
I was so emotionally drained afterward I had to sit down. It was unexpected (as they usually are) and wonderful, that it brought some peace to the woman who stopped by

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Military Devotion in Ghosts / Poltergiests

When I was at the New Life convention I met a lot of fascinating people, and many of them had stories of their own encounters. One woman's story struck me. She is married to a military man who came back from Iraq, when some of the men in his company did not come back. In fact, they passed when they were there, but they've come back to be around him now that he's retired. His wife explained to me that he's very skeptical that they're there, but they've broken many of their glasses. They're still loyal to their commander, even in death.
- She said that she senses the men are around him all the time. She mentioned a daughter, and I asked if she was a teenager... why? because ghosts can sometimes enhance the energy of a teen dealing with conflicting emotions, stress or angst, and the teen can spark poltergiest activities, like breaking glasses. In fact, she mentioned that when her daughter wasn't there in the house, the activity had ceased.
- Meanwhile, I explained that she needs to "take command" and tell the soldiers' ghosts that she and her husband rule this "outpost" and they need to march into the light and leave.

TONIGHT! Speaking at the Annual Autumn Bacon Ball

Tonight, October 5th I'll be doing a talk at the Scarborough Fair Bed & Breakfast
**There may still be a couple of tickets left!
EVENT: , Annual Autumn Bacon Ball; A Spirited Event Benefiting Equality Maryland
WHERE: in the Federal Hill Neighborhood of Baltimore., MD
WHEN: Tuesday, October 5th, from 6:30 to 8:30 PM
Features a seasonal breakfast-inspired hors d’oeuvres menu, freshly prepared by the Innkeepers of the most award-winning Bed & Breakfast in Baltimore; speakers and more!
TEL: 410-837-0010
COST: $50 (Not available at the door) WEBSITE: http://www.scarboroughfairbandb.com/

Monday, October 4, 2010

Great Time w/Medium Barb Mallon @ the New Life Expo!

 Yesterday, I joined Medium extraordinaire Barb Mallon (www.barbmallon.com) at the Natural Living Expo at the University of Maryland University College Inn and Conference Ctr in Adelphi, Maryland. There were 110 Exhibitors who heal, entertain, enlighten and offer products *56 Dynamic, Creative Mind, Body and Spirit Workshops.

Barb and I shared a table/booth where she informed people of her services as a Medium (she's amazing- she's read for my mother and my partner and told them of things only THEY knew of!), while I spoke with people about my developing mediumistic abilities and signed copies of my book "Ghosts and Spirits: Insights from a Medium."

Barb Mallon and Rob Gutro enjoying the day  

Barb getting some computer help from her son at the table

Rob's friend Troy (who also has the gift) stops by to say hello.
  It was a fun time, but a long day. Talking from 9am to almost 5 pm with a 5 minute break led to hoarseness! However, I met some wonderful people who had many interesting questions. I'll post several of those in the coming days.
  Near the end of the day, one woman who came to our table was someone I won't soon forget. Her late sister's spirit came to me and filled me up with a lot of emotion, and shared important messages through me to her sister (standing at our table). It was a wonderful experience for both myself and the woman, and I had to give her a big hug. Afterward, I was totally exhausted and emotional.
It was quite a day!
  *Tomorrow night in Baltimore, I'm speaking at a fundraiser for Equality Maryland at a Bed and Breakfast. More details on my blog*

Friday, October 1, 2010

Visit Me @ Natural Living Expo - Oct. 3, College Park, MD

If you're near Washington, DC this Sunday, come visit me on OCTOBER 3 at the Natural Living Expo
LOCATION: University of Maryland University College Inn and Conference Ctr by Marriott, 3501 University Blvd East, Adelphi, MD
Booth #26 Sharing with Awesome Medium BARB MALLON!
WHEN: Sunday, October 3, 2010 TIME: 10am-7pm EDT
...WHAT: 110 Exhibitors who heal, entertain, enlighten and offer products *56 Dynamic, Creative Mind, Body and Spirit Workshops
ADMISSION: $10 (includes all exhibits and workshops!) MORE INFORMATION: http://www.naturallivingexpo.com/