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Monday, October 7, 2019

Visit to Capitol Theatre - Ghost #2 The Stocky Man

The Stocky male ghost I sketched
Yesterday I told you about my Sept 27-28, participation in the Spirits Through Time Paranormal Fair, in Chambersburg, PA where I spoke about 2 of my books, "Pets and the Afterlife" and signed books. I introduced you to a female ghost I encountered in the last blog. Today, you'll meet the male ghost I ran into in the 1920's Capitol Theatre during a paranormal investigation.

THE MALE GHOST - As I entered the 800 seat theatre, I immediately felt foggy headed. I sensed that there was a male ghost there. I immediately saw a man in his late 40s/early 50s. He said he was an actor, but he didn't seem like he was being honest... I think he wanted to be an actor. He was stocky and bearded. He said he "performed" here. I think he meant that he was working here (he loved theatre and film). 

SKETCHING HIM  - Whenever I go on paranormal investigations, sometimes ghosts will show me what they look like, in my mind. In the case of this ghost, he did show me! So, I took out my sketch book and put together a quick sketch. 

The 800 seat theatre
 SHARING PAIN -    Sometimes ghosts will convey pain they experienced to help prove their identity. This ghost made me feel a sharp pain in my heart and told me that he died of a heart attack. He also suddenly made me feel pain in my right leg and said that he had fallen off the stage once when he was walking across it.
 A NAME - The male ghost didn't tell me his name but he did say the name "Leslie." 
outside the Capitol Theatre
I know that can be both a man's or woman's name, but I didn't get the sense it was his name. It could be his wife, girlfriend, mother, or some other female or a male he knew in life. Why he conveyed that name is a mystery I couldn't solve.  

WHERE HE GREW UP -  One other thing he mentioned was that he was originally from Carlisle, Pennsylvania. I looked it up on a map when I returned home and learned that Carlisle is west of Harrisburg, and only about 33 miles from Chambersburg, so that would be feasible for someone to find work in a theatre that distance away from where they grew up. What's interesting here is that I don't know anything about the geography of Pennsylvania and I had no idea where Carlisle was located in terms of Chambersburg. 

Inside the front doors of the Capitol Theatre (my table was to the left)

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