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Rob Gutro is an author, paranormal investigator and medium with Inspired Ghost Tracking of Maryland. Since he was a child he could receive messages from ghosts or spirits (who have crossed over). As a scientist, he also provides some scientific explanations about how energy is the baseline for the afterlife and the medium that entities use to communicate. *NOTE -Rob doesn't do this full time* ** BIOGRAPHY: Rob considers himself an average guy who just happens to be able to communicate with those who passed. He is a medium on IGT, the Inspired Ghost Tracking Team of Hanover, Maryland. By trade he's a meteorologist, so he tries to explain ghosts and spirits with science. He's had the ability since he was a teenager, sketches out ghosts and get names and other information. He lived in a haunted house, too. In 2005, Rob's late puppy passed and inspired Rob to write his first book. Rob participates in private paranormal investigations, helps ghosts cross over, and has provided countless messages from people or pets as ghosts or spirits.***HIS BOOKS: Pets and the Afterlife, Pets and the Afterlife 2, Lessons Learned from Talking to the Dead and Ghosts and Spirits, Ghosts of England on a Medium's Vacation, and Kindred Spirits: How a Medium Befriended a Spirit.** BEST SELLERS- Rob's books have reached "best-seller" status on Amazon.com in various paranormal categories. All are available in paperback and E-book on Amazon.com ***DOG RESCUES - Rob has volunteered with with Dachshund and Weimaraner rescues since 2008 and is a pet parent of 4 dogs, 3 Dachshunds and 1 Weimaraner. He also prefers doing fundraising lectures for dog and cat rescues! JUST ASK… Rgutro@gmail.com

Sunday, August 20, 2017

A Look at Ghosts and Spirits and Religions vs. Spirituality

Today we'll look at religion and spirituality. This is a serious issue because being too steadfast in a belief has caused people to remain Earthbound.  

Most people use religion as a base to develop a faith. Then they grow from it. That's the way it should be, if you want to grow spiritually. Remember that religions were all conceived by mankind. Spirituality is the energies within and around us. 

That's not saying you can't belong to a religion and be spiritual. You can, although most people leave religions because of constraints.

CONSTRAINTS I ENCOUNTERED - As a former catholic, when I was growing up I was told that talking to the dead is actually talking to the "devil." (Baptist religions still believe this) That's ridiculous. It's also something that was discouraged because the churches couldn't control what you heard.   Besides, I have no "evil motive" when I convey messages. They are messages from loved ones in spirit (people and pets). I don't know the people I get messages for and often never see them again.
*What's new in 2015: Britain's Psychic World newspaper in its July edition says there are "Major changes to Roman Catholic views as The Vatican says it is OK to talk to the Dead." - per Rev. Gino Concetti, chief theological commentator for the Vatican Italian journal. "L'Osservatore Romano".

DANGERS - As someone who has been able to communicate with ghosts and spirits since I was 13, I've heard a lot from people on the other side about how constraints of religion made their life and the lives of the people around them very unpleasant (during their time on Earth).  Often times, an Earth-bound ghost or spirit will ask their family or friends for forgiveness because the ghost or spirit mis-treated others because of their strict religious beliefs.

WHY IS A MORE "CONSERVATIVE RELIGIOUS" PERSON MORE LIKELY TO BE AN EARTH-BOUND GHOST? - Religions teach that if you do something wrong in life and feel like you can't be forgiven, or generally live your life as a not-so-good, not-so-caring person, you'll go to "Hell."  So, whenever very "religious" people die, often times I've encountered them as ghosts because they are horrified that they will see hell on the other side of the light (which is ridiculous). So, people who are "conservative religious" are afraid to go into the light once they pass for fear of going to a hell. Hell, ironically, is remaining trapped as an Earth-bound ghost for eternity.

1) A friend's father was an ultra-conservative Baptist who made his family's life miserable. He didn't mind beating his kids either "in Jesus' name," and because his preacher told him it was acceptable to do so (this was in the 1960s and 1970s). He also didn't mind giving away a lot of the family's income to the church, so they struggled to pay bills. That's warped and dangerous.  If a religion causes someone to put their church before the equal and kind treatment of others, than it's a dangerous "religion." 
DANGERS TODAY: Even today, there are still a few "preachers" who have told parents it's acceptable to beat up children who are gay, in the name of Jesus. Look it up on the Internet. It's appalling.

2) Another friend who is gay, was put through an exorcism by his ultra-conservative religious parents. That ridiculous act was emotionally traumatic to my friend as a young man. This is an extreme case where a sect of religion warped the views of people.

3) Many "ultra-conservative religious" people across the U.S. who learned their child is gay either threw the kids out on the street  (which is pure evil) in the name of their god, or have driven their children to suicide. I know several friends who wanted to commit suicide because of parents who were so strict in their religious beliefs. 
    So, there's a danger in being so "firm" in your beliefs, especially when it opens the door to harm others in any way. Grow from your faith, welcome and love all others, especially those who are unlike you. Show the LOVING side of your religion. Accept everyone. Love everyone. Put yourself in their shoes.
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Lessons Learned, Ghosts and Spirits
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