Who is Rob Gutro, Medium/Author/Paranormal Investigator?

Rob Gutro is an author, paranormal investigator and medium with Inspired Ghost Tracking of Maryland. Since he was a child he could receive messages from ghosts or spirits (who have crossed over). As a scientist, he also provides some scientific explanations about how energy is the baseline for the afterlife and the medium that entities use to communicate. *NOTE -Rob doesn't do this full time* ** BIOGRAPHY: Rob considers himself an average guy who just happens to be able to communicate with those who passed. He is a medium on IGT, the Inspired Ghost Tracking Team of Hanover, Maryland. By trade he's a meteorologist, so he tries to explain ghosts and spirits with science. He's had the ability since he was a teenager, sketches out ghosts and get names and other information. He lived in a haunted house, too. In 2005, Rob's late puppy passed and inspired Rob to write his first book. Rob participates in private paranormal investigations, helps ghosts cross over, and has provided countless messages from people or pets as ghosts or spirits.***HIS BOOKS: Pets and the Afterlife, Pets and the Afterlife 2, Lessons Learned from Talking to the Dead and Ghosts and Spirits, Ghosts of England on a Medium's Vacation, and Kindred Spirits: How a Medium Befriended a Spirit.** BEST SELLERS- Rob's books have reached "best-seller" status on Amazon.com in various paranormal categories. All are available in paperback and E-book on Amazon.com ***DOG RESCUES - Rob has volunteered with with Dachshund and Weimaraner rescues since 2008 and is a pet parent of 4 dogs, 3 Dachshunds and 1 Weimaraner. He also prefers doing fundraising lectures for dog and cat rescues! JUST ASK… Rgutro@gmail.com

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Five Questions with Margaret Perry Ehrlich, of Inspired Ghost Trackers

My partner and I both belong to the Inspired Ghost Trackers group and this month the Baltimore.org interviewed our group's founder.

Spotlight on Baltimore

A walking tour through the ages around Federal Hill delves into the past with tales of murder, mystery and legend. Inspired Ghost Trackers reveal the techniques and science behind ghost hunting through the historic streets of the neighborhood just two blocks from the Inner Harbor, with owners of the local taverns, shops, and restaurants as they discuss the legends and spirits connected with the area.

Five Questions with Margaret Perry Ehrlich, of Inspired Ghost Trackers

Q1- What is Inspired Ghost Trackers and how did you get involved in the paranormal in Baltimore?

Inspired Ghost Tracking started out as a small meet-up group in Odenton Maryland. Within a few years we have grown to more than 130 members with two meetings per month. After a Halloween open house at Scarborough Fair B&B a couple years ago, I met owner Barry Werner and, along with other guests like medium Rob Gutro, we shared our experiences. A few months later, Barry and I began ghost tours with the help of Rob and my assistant Ronda Dixon, who is better with the history than me.

Q2- With interest in the paranormal increasingly popular, how often do you conduct public and private investigations?

We do one public investigation per month with our group and the core group does private investigations whenever we are contacted. This could be two or three per month or maybe just one every couple of months. Public investigations could be places like Patapsco Female Institute, Fort McHenry, Dr. Mudd’s house, or Westminster Burial Ground. Private would be someone calling us about their home or business.

Inspired Ghost Tracking

Q3- If you had to pick one, what is the spookiest place to visit in Baltimore?

I think it would be hard to pick just one as Baltimore has lots of places to visit that are haunted or spooky, including Poe's grave, Westminster Catacombs, Fort McHenry, USS Constellation, Federal Hill, and Fell’s Point. If I had to pick just one I think I would pick Westminster Catacombs as I had a personal experience there hearing the organ playing one night when nobody was in the church.

Q4- What are some of the most bizarre things you’ve seen in your years as a ghost tracker?

We went to Patapsco Female Institute and I got a picture of an apparition that others saw on my camera. When getting home the apparition was gone. Some of the voice recordings that we get are very bizarre, as is knowing that they can answer us. But I think the biggest one is a picture Ronda caught of an apparition at Dr. Mudd’s house.

Q5- How can visitors get involved and explore Baltimore’s haunted heritage?

There are many ways for them to get involved and explore Baltimore’s haunted heritage by the ghost tours around, getting involved in a ghost group, or just exploring on their own. There are a lot of things out there and all they have to do check them out.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ghosts the focus of Historical Society/Investigation with Rob Gutro

Recently in the Carroll County Times, the following article appeared after Margaret, who leads Inspired Ghost Tracking (of which I am one the investigators) gave a talk in the county. This talk followed an investigation that I took part in and is reported here in the article! 


Ghosts the focus of Historical Society talk

Posted: Wednesday, October 10, 2012 12:00 am | Updated: 4:50 pm, Wed Oct 10, 2012.
In the 12 years that Cathy Baty has worked at the Historical Society of Carroll County, she’s never seen unusual sights or felt the presence of a spiritual being.
But paranormal investigators who have searched the Cockey’s Tavern property that now serves as the headquarters for the historical society say they have found evidence of ghosts inhabiting the property.
Margaret Ehrlich, organizer of Inspired Ghost Tracking, gave a preliminary report of her group’s findings after a recent investigation of the property at Tuesday’s box lunch talk called “Do You Believe in Ghosts?” Ehrlich’s group was formed in 2008 and is based in Jessup, though members have done ghost tracking around the state and in the Gettysburg, Pa., area.
About two weeks ago, several members of Inspired Ghost Tracking and medium Rob Gutro went through the historical society’s building on East Main Street on a mission to search for signs of ghosts and spirits. Ehrlich said she is still waiting to receive photographs with suspicious images from other group members, but she was able to give Gutro’s impressions of the walkthrough.
On the right side of the building, which is now the Shop at Cockey’s, Gutro reported sensing a male ghost in his 30s to 40s, wearing a dark suit and a white apron. He believes the man was the bartender when the building was a tavern, and said he kept repeating “Merriman” or “merry man.”
On the left side of the building, which is used as museum exhibit space, Gutro said he could sense the names of the dolls on display, and that he could tell that there was a disabled girl who had lived in the house at some time.
 He sensed the presence of a man named Harry, and felt an even stronger presence when he came across the painting of Harry Kimmey, a former owner of the historical society-owned Kimmey house, just a few doors down from Cockey’s. Gutro reported that he believes Harry came to Cockey’s just to see the visitors, but that he still resides in his original home.
Gutro enters an investigation without doing any prior research of the property, Ehrlich said, and they were able to find lots of supportive information for the details that he sensed at the property. She said she’s looking forward to receiving the photographs from other members to see what they were able to capture visually.
Ehrlich showed examples of photographs from previous investigations that got some audible reactions from the audience. At the Dr. Samuel Mudd house in Waldorf, for example, a member took a photograph of another member looking out the window. But a mirror in the photograph shows a stairway in the background with a man standing on the last step looking into the room — a man that was not with their group, Ehrlich said.
Many of the images Ehrlich showed distinctively looked like human forms, though Ehrlich also showed examples of ghostly images that were proved not to be of ghosts. In some cases the people really were in the photo, but the image was distorted by a combination of backlighting and the flash, she said, and in other cases it was a statue and a rain coat that someone had hung up.
Not every investigation yields results, she said. The group conducts a lengthy interview with those seeking to have a property investigated before visiting the house to make sure the call seems legitimate. Ehrlich and the audience chuckled when she mentioned some of those questions include “Do you drink? Do you do drugs? What medications are you on?”
“We dedicate ourselves to investigate, document and provide help and intervention with paranormal supernatural phenomena to clients in need,” Ehrlich said. “Our goal is to provide a free, confidential service that demonstrates professional integrity [through] a combination of science and parapsychology.”
Despite never feeling the presence of ghosts herself, Baty said she’s looking forward to the full report from the Inspired Ghost Tracking group. Other paranormal investigators have been through the building before, she said, and it will be interesting to compare their findings.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Ed's Birthday Today: He's Gone But Comes Back!

Today is Ed's birthday. He would have been 52 years old, but an accidental mix of prescription medications took him from everyone in 1996.
  Ed is my other half's former partner whom has come through to me many times with messages. In 2011, Ed's spirit gave me many disconnected signs, pictures, words and symbols that took us on a treasure-hunt like trip with Ed's father in Virginia, that proved that Ed was with every one of his family members the week before we arrived. The messages to me wound up being personal confirmations of things that his family members were involved with the week before we arrived - things I had no knowledge of (I had never before met the family). It was so amazing that Ed was able to help show his grieving father (of 15 years) that he was still around. I wound up including that story in my second book, "Lessons Learned from Talking to the Dead."

  Birthdays are  a COMMON time that spirits come back to us and give messages, so I'm going to be especially vigilant today for signs from Ed.  

Ed is a strong spirit and I've come to know him very well, including his sense of humor as a result of the messages I've received from him, even though I never met him in life. That's one of the benefits of being a medium. You get to know people who passed away, from the messages and words they give you. In addition, we maintain our personalities on the other side, so it's easy to get to know them. Happy Birthday, Ed!! I know you can hear me. We're having birthday cake tonight in your memory.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Video of a Strange Shape During a House Cleansing

I recently took part in the cleansing of a private home where the ghost of a middle-aged man was troubling young children. The Inspired Ghost Trackers were called in to cross him over and bring relief to the family.
  We stood in a prayer circle and called on relatives of the family that lived there to help us.
   Watch the right side of the video. That thing coming out of the ceiling appeared at the time that Troy (the medium seen on the right side of the screen) asked for the family's loved ones to come in and help. We are not sure what it could be, but we do know that we were able to successfully rid the home of the ghost.
(Note: Margaret was holding the camera steady).   What do you think it is?

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Oct. 5, Fri., 7:00-9:00 p.m.

I'll be talking about my book: Lessons Learned from Talking to the Dead"  and doing a book signing. 
- It's free- so come out and join me! 
10620 Guilford Rd
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