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Rob Gutro is an author, paranormal investigator and medium with Inspired Ghost Tracking of Maryland. Since he was a child he could receive messages from ghosts or spirits (who have crossed over). *He wrote the books "Pets and the Afterlife," "Pets and the Afterlife 2," "Ghosts and Spirits" and "Lessons Learned from Talking to the Dead" to teach others how ghosts and Spirits communicate with the living and to give proof of the afterlife. As a scientist, he also provides some scientific explanations about how energy is the baseline for the afterlife and the medium that entities use to communicate.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Submitted: A Mischievous Kitchen Ghost

I received this interesting story by email today:
"The presence at my last place had a bad habit of turning on the burners on my stove - pissed me off to no end (and no - it wasn’t' a gas leak or something - the freaking KNOBS would be turned on!). And I KNOW once I felt someone watching me and my skin just crawled - I remember RUNNING down the hall and literally diving under the covers! I'm just glad that entity didn't follow me to my current home!" - JS, Maryland
EDITORS COMMENT: This isn't the first time I've heard of ghosts or spirits turning on appliances to get attention. Another story involved a dishwasher that kept turning on the "pot scrubber" setting in Virginia. The person telling the story said their previous roommate (now passed) used to always use that setting.

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