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Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Encountered 3 Real Ghosts During "The Christmas Carol" at Ford's Theatre

As I mentioned in my earlier blog, Tom and I went to Ford's Theatre today to see the performance of "A Christmas Carol." As I've mentioned, I'm a "developing" medium, and am still refining my abilities, but I've had quite a number of experiences with earth-bound ghosts and spirits (who have crossed over).
I encountered John Wilkes Booth's ghost when I was in the gift shop today. I reached for a "map of Booth's Escape Trail" and a chill raced through my body. I "heard" him confirm who he was, and that he still returns to the theatre from time to time.
During the performance I attended, I heard a female tell me her name was "Marcia" or Marsha, Marcy, something with an "M." She showed me the backstage dressing room area where she was sitting at a mirror. She had long, brown curly hair, and was dressed in an off-white lacy dress, with a high frilly collar. She also showed me that she watched as President Lincoln's body was driven through the city of Washington, DC on a horse-drawn dark carriage, with a white cloth draped over his dark coffin. Obviously, she must've been at the theatre performing when Lincoln was killed. Either she's an actress, or it was Mary Todd Lincoln, showing me part of the play she was watching. I'm unsure. Here's what freaked me out when I got home. I did an Internet search for Lincoln's funeral, and his casket was black with a white drape over it. - (This is a photo from http://www.touring-ohio.com/central/columbus/statehouse-lincoln-funeral.html)

Finally, a male form (I didn't get a name or description) kept coming to me in the 2nd floor balcony where we were sitting. I asked him to leave me alone (I kept getting chills) and after I did, he didn't return. I'm unsure who he was.
Yes, Ford's Theatre is definitely haunted.

Paranormalknowledge.com says: The ghost of Abraham Lincoln has been seen here, along with other apparitions. Its almost as if the last moments of Lincoln’s life are performed daily, in an alternate reality where time stands still. John Wilkes Booth was a well known actor at the theatre, and on the night of April 14th, he walked behind the president and shot him in the back of the head at point-blank range. There have been reports of numerous voices and laughter from all areas when no one is there. People have heard the footsteps of John Wilkes Booth running to the presidential box, followed by the sound of a gun shot. The ghost of Mrs. Lincoln has also been seen leaning over the balcony pointing at Booth saying that he has killed the president. Apparitions appear at center stage, lights turn on and off, and cold spots are often felt in certain areas.
The Cabinet.com says: John Wilkes Booth is also believed to haunt the stage itself. According to several actors who have been involved in productions since, if they attempt to deliver their lines at a particular spot on left-center stage, they are overwhelmed with an icy sensation. Some even report becoming overly nauseous or begin shaking uncontrollably, often flubbing their lines in the process. At times, some even report seeing the ghost of Booth running across the stage in escape as he did so many years ago.
(PHOTO: John Wilkes Booth)
HISTORY OF THE FORD THEATRE (from AbovetheNorm-blogspot.com): The building was built in 1833 and was originally a house of worship. In 1861, John T. Ford bought the place and had it renovated into a theater which was originally called Ford’s Athenaeum. Then in 1862 a fire destroyed the place, it was rebuilt, and then opened a year later, and was called Ford’s New Theatre. On April 14, 1865, just three days after General Lee surrendered at Appomattox Court House; President Lincoln was shot and killed while enjoying a performance with his wife Mary Todd Lincoln.

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