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Saturday, August 28, 2021

How to get a Short Email Reading from a Pet or Person in Spirit

If you're looking for a short connection to spirit (a short reading), I am offering that service. I wrote my books primarily to teach YOU how to recognize signs without a medium, but sometimes we want more. So, I started offering short spirit pet readings for just $10 through PayPal in January 2021, and the response has been overwhelming (Especially since I do them only on weekends)   Please read the instructions below! 

ABOUT THE SERVICE:  I've been doing readings free of charge for over 10 years, and it takes a lot of time to connect to pets or people. NOTE: I am much better connecting with pets, but have also done people readings.
A WEEKEND RESPONSE:  . Since I only do the readings on weekends (because I'm a scientist during the week), it does take a lot of my family time. However, scheduling weekend time with specific appointments will work better. I do want to bring people healing messages from spirit.

2) Send $10 via paypal to - Indicate it's for a spirit pet or person reading. 
3) IN THE EMAIL:  Cite that you used paypal, and send me a PHOTO of your pet or Person
AND your Pet or Person's FIRST NAME 
AND Questions you may have 
No need to tell me anything else, unless you want to for the question part)  

WHEN TO EXPECT A READING?  - I answer emails and do readings on weekends, so expect a response on weekends. Please be patient. On rare occasions, I may be away or helping family or friends (life throws challenges to all of us). 
(BTW, this is NOT an extensive reading. Often pets will provide one or two things to let you know they are with you.

NOTE ABOUT READINGS - Sometimes you may not understand them. In my book Pets and the Afterlife 3, you'll read about a number that a dog gave me from spirit, and his dad figured it out 8 months later and it was intensely personal and made perfect sense! 

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QUESTIONS? Email me at
Rob Gutro

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