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Monday, February 13, 2017

The Feast of "Parentalia": To Honor the Dead, Especially Parents

Ancient Romans had a lot of feasts and last year after going to Italy I did some digging about those celebrations. Several of them were to honor the dead as was one called "Parentalia" held every February 13th, specifically to remember  their dead, especially parents, including in the process some heavy drinking.

On the 21st a feast called "Feralia" (which I will explain to you on this blog on February 21st), people visited cemeteries outside the city and placed flowers, milk and wine on the graves of their parents. By doing this, they hoped to stop the dead from feeling hungry and returning to plague the living. 

Later on these days were followed on the 22nd by the Caristia, the day of Cara Cognatio which was a sort of family re-union of members still living. Quarrels were patched up, offenses forgiven and a sacred, but joyful meal to which everyone brought something was shared in the presence of the household Lares to whom offerings were made. It was not inappropriate either to offer a toast to the Emperor's health. 
So eventually it was nine days and called the parentalia novendialia. It's possible that Christianity "baptized" this practice as the "novena". 

Source: http://histmyst.org/festivals.html 

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  1. Your family and pets will be waiting for you when you pass.... You should honor them living or passed