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Thursday, September 29, 2016

What is the Beagle Freedom Project? Please Help!

The Beagle Freedom Project is an organization that needs your help and was created in 2010 to make people aware that laboratories USE BEAGLES for product testing!

I met folks from the project during the New England Pet Expo and was horrified to learn about the cruelty of laboratory testing on these dogs. DOGS have personalities, memories and intelligence just like people do. Stop this insanity.

Every month, 90 beagles that are subject to testing are "discarded" - and the Beagle Freedom Project usually only saves a very few. I was told that these testing facilities actually break the back of the dogs to kill them. PLEASE HELP stop this insanity.  DONATE to save countless dogs from laboratories.

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beaglefreedom/
Website: http://bfp.org/
Believe it or not, “there are nearly 70 thousand dogs in US labs right now, and 96% of them are beagles” explains Shannon Keith, President and Founder of BFP, adding that they “are the breed of choice because they are so gentle, docile and forgiving.” Aside from rescuing hundreds of dogs so far, the organization has pushed the passing of the Beagle Freedom Bill in four states.

VIDEO: Beagle Freedom Project rescued 40 beagles from a laboratory in Spain
On November 23, 2011, ARME's Beagle Freedom Project rescued 40 beagles from a laboratory in Spain where some had spent their entire lives. Others had come from other labs to the lab in Spain, only to be tested on in there. When we heard the lab was closing and the dogs would be killed, we stepped in and rescued them by flying them to Los Angeles, CA, to BFP Headquarters.

Beagle Freedom Project, founded in 2010, is a unique program run by the Los Angeles-based non-profit Animal Rescue, Media, and Education (ARME). Beagle Freedom Project negotiates with laboratories across the world to secure the release of dogs and other animals and give them a chance at a normal home life after everything they have endured for vanity and scientific curiosity.
The organization uses the rescues to draw public attention to the plight of animals languishing in labs and to promote cruelty-free lifestyle choices everyone can make. The beagles act as ambassadors who give faces to animal testing victims and remind the public that these animals are not just furry test-tubes, but dogs no different from their pets.
To date, Beagle Freedom Project has rescued over 500 beagles, mixed-breed hounds, cats, rabbits, ponies, pigs, goats, guinea pigs, rats, and even goldfish from laboratories. Beagle Freedom Project has given hope and homes to these research survivors in 35 states and 6 countries. Their stories of recovery have been covered extensively by local and national media, such as CNN, NBC Nightly News, HLN, The L.A. Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, Yahoo! News, The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, and many more.
Beagle Freedom Project has an ambitious immediate and long-term agenda that is both political and pragmatic. The organization is working toward the release of more animals and an end to animal testing altogether.

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