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Rob Gutro is an author, paranormal investigator and medium with Inspired Ghost Tracking of Maryland. Since he was a child he could receive messages from ghosts or spirits (who have crossed over). *He wrote the books "Pets and the Afterlife," "Pets and the Afterlife 2," "Ghosts and Spirits" and "Lessons Learned from Talking to the Dead" to teach others how ghosts and Spirits communicate with the living and to give proof of the afterlife. As a scientist, he also provides some scientific explanations about how energy is the baseline for the afterlife and the medium that entities use to communicate.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Set up at the Paracon and More Spirit Assistance!

his is part three in Rob's trip to the Pensacola, Florida Paracon. After checking
outside the paracon
into the hotel I drove to the Pensacola fair grounds to set up my table for the weekend (Sat./Sun.) event.
Setting up at the Paracon
A MESSAGE FROM SPIRIT -  As I was pulling in the front gate I noticed the first building on the right housed the Paracon, but I heard my mom say "keep going, keep going straight ahead." I wondered why, but didn't question it. In the next building was a dog show! Since I was there promoting my book "Pets and the Afterlife" it was a perfect place to visit... so after I set up my table I walked over to the dog show.
Connie Fleming and one of her agile Shelties
  That's when I met an amazing dog trainer and dog lover named Connie Fleming. She was warm, wonderful, and welcoming and saw my badge and said "I think you're looking for the other convention!" - I told her I was in the right place and told her about my book. We talked about her Sheltie dogs, our 3 kids, and her experiences with pets who have communicated from the other side. She told me that some of her dogs posed with Star Trek actors and she loves sci-fi! She took the 2 business cards I had and said she'd display them. How kind!  
  The next morning I went over early and brought her more business cards and a bunch of promotional post cards, and gave her a free copy of the "Pets" book to say thanks. 
  AMAZING TURNABOUT - One of the gentleman attending the dog event saw the book on Saturday, walked over to the Paracon to find ME, and bought my book. Wow. He said he and his wife lost a couple of dogs and believe they've received messages. He walked in the 100F heat to get a copy and I was really honored!
The dog show - agility set up! 
WHAT IS THE PENSACOLA PARACON? A Science, Comic, Sci Fi, Anime, Gaming, paranormal, art, horror and Costuming Convention! Pensacola Interstate Fair Grounds Conference Building, Pensacola, Florida Pensacola Interstate Conference Building 6655 Mobile Hwy Pensacola Florida 850 941-4321

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